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    i wanna get a laptop i can easily transport around campus. i want something light, long battery life, and be able to browse grasscity with ease :smoke:.

    ive narrowed it down to the samsung series 9 and the macbook air (newest model)

    which ones better? or suggest another that trumps both

    let the battle begin!
  2. Id say the samsung just because apple charges way to much for all there products for.no reason. Macbooks are nice laptops though id never get one.
  3. samsung
  4. Can you post the specifications and prices of each?
  5. dont waste your money on a macbook air unless you got extra change, or unless you are gonna be needing a mac for something.
  6. yeah im liking the samsung more it seems like better specs and better price and saw a commercial for it saying its made out of some kinda jet-fighter airplane plastic or something haha.

    never owned an apple but after a bad experience with my hp and a virus im sort of wary of microsoft altogether and only consider the mac because im afraid that disaster will happen all over again

    but heres the air specs
    Apple - MacBook Air - Compare the 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air.

    and heres the samsung
    Features - Notebooks NP900X3A | Samsung Laptops
  7. :wave: Get the Sammy running Windows 7, then you're not restricted like you would be with the Mac.

  8. you arent restricted with a mac. He just flat out doesnt need one. It would be pointless to get one for web browsing.
  9. 7 to 0. samsung is lookin better and better
  10. lol but thats what half of the mac people i know use it for? Mac book pro for face book and webcam pictures lol

    samsung murders apple. apple so scared of samsung they are trying to block their sales lol

    also just get malwarebytes pro for like 25 bucks and use common sense. i have never personally gotten i real virus on my machine and i have fixed the 2 bad ones my family got.

  11. lol, ok well, those people are people who dont mind spending money on expensive things that are more or less useless for them. Me, i dont mind spending money on things either, but im also going for my BFA in Graphic design, so i actually have a use for it. Plus macs are just kewl.

    Proof you say?


    Only bouses use macs :D

  12. lol'd at kewl

    Also PS: Obama is a horrible president, so boss or not, he's a noob.
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    iPhone I do all my school work on it with ease an it's very portable and also gc has an app :) plus it's a phone!!!! Can a laptop do that lol:D

  14. lol come on, look @ that cutie, how can u not love a president who does an AMA on reddit n answers the questions personnally, lol he may not be the best pres. ever but he certainly aint the worst (bush), plus hes done some good since elected. but fuk that, i dont really follow politics too close + this thread aint poitical.
  15. Microsoft surface son!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpzu3HM2CIo]Surface by Microsoft - YouTube[/ame]
  16. lol what school work?

    i dont see it being much fun typing essays on an iphone? or even doing much internet browsing on that tiny screen. lol

    also laptops can do even more than that ;)

    has internet browser and also you can amke phone calls on laptop easily with many different programs. can even send texts lol :D
  17. dude must have pretty bad grades if he is doing all of his school work on his phone lol.
  18. not only can you make calls and text on a laptop but its also free :D

    and i was looking at tablets but not having a cd drive is a dealbreaker

  19. get a netbook then, they aare cheap and pretty much made to be used exclusively for homework/ portability, affordability, and webbrowsing.
  20. most netbooks dont have cd drives...

    nexus 7 is really nice though for a tablet.

    i have a HP mini 110-4250 NR with 2gb of ram and its pretty beast for the price...

    id also recommend a netbook. unless you are also using this as your main computer...

    cause they are mad small. you get used to it though and after being on mine when i go to my desktop its like damn this screeen is huge as fuck

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