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  1. This year, I would like to start my outdoor garden with more mature plants. If I keep my lights at 15/9 for 8 weeks, will they stay in veg after May 1 when they go outside? My goal is to aggressively scrog and train, and I need more veg time. thanks!
  2. Why 15/9?
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  3. As long as the daylight hours are increasing, its most likely that it won't try to flower. Last year I planted outdoors in April. Cannabis plants produce their own chemical trigger to begin flowering by measuring the hours of uninterrupted darkness

  4. Since May 1 is 13/11, I want a smooth transition to outside. But I also want enough sun to keep it in veg. 18/6 seemed like too much a difference.
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    then go 15/9, from the outset, nothing to a grower is more heartbreaking than a confused plant, just maybe a confused grower, the excess leaf coverage breaks many hearts be warned

    (ed) be advised many strains will fall to senescence even during the current long days

    good luck
  6. Hard to say with certainty. With aggressive pruning, you can keep a plant very small for a very long time. And to prevent early flowering/revegging, you can always hang some party lights to "extend your day". Some people hang single lights over their plants but if you want something less suspicious, this is the way to go.

    Party lights.JPG
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  7. This x1000.

    Put a small spotlight on them at night to prevent early flowering.
  8. 12/12 is flowering, if may is 13/11 then don't plant outside until June !
    I like 18.6 myself , and forced to run heaters at night.
    We dont start planting the fields until first week of june here in northern Nevada,
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  9. Great comments. Would it make sense to germinate at 12/12 for 4 weeks, then increase the lights gradually for 4 more weeks?
  10. No.
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  11. avoid at least for the first few grows ...lol

  12. 12/12 is flowering
    14.5 hrs is the trigger point for flower. 12/12 is an indoor thing.
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  13. 14.5 is the actual trigger point. I'm at latitude 33 and in actual practice only June and July have enough daylight hours to hold cannabis in veg. Time match 15-9 or 16-8 from seed.
    After to many time matching fails I just light them up 24-0 until Aug 1st.

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  14. Pretty sure BnW recommended to me way back in the day adding a handful of the cheap little solar lights to keep the veg stage going if you want to move them outdoor early will suffice
  15. Where I am in the SE the longest projected day this year is 14hr 29m lol.
  16. Thats why I disagree with 14.5 as a hard cutoff as it relates to outdoor plants and flowering.

    In outdoor grows, its not the amount of hours of light that triggers flowering but the absolute reduction of daylight over x time period

    "Cannabis is a short day plant. This means it flowers when the days get shorter (fall/winter) - Botanists' used to think the length of the day had the most important impact on when a plant would produce flowers. Later scientists discovered its the actual length of the darkness that had the most significant impact on the plant phytochromes"
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  17. This is a good link. I have used that site and others like it to forecast daylight hours. Also gives u projected date of last frost. I just planted a glookies 2 days ago and I'm waiting in it to germ rn. I am going to run in 15/9 from the door. It's going outside in the end of May. I started a grow journal for it if u want to check it out
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