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Head Shops treating minors like absolute shit.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Durchii, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. I used to feel this way before the age of...well, acceptance.
    I was hanging around at the local head when a very chill guy came in and we talked for a while.. He then revealed to me that he was 17. He had saved up his paychecks and came in to buy a sick looking bubbler which I was eying myself. When it came time for ID checks he said 'I dont really need an ID do I?' .. Needless to say the owner basically ripped the glass out of his hand and told him to get out and these words specifically, 'Dont come back until youre responsible enough to be here'.

    I saw this and reminisced briefly on a few things from my 16-17 year old days. Dont you remember being a young smoker, or maybe even a few of your friends as well, all under 18 trying to merely glance at the merchandise at the local 'gift shoppe' to just be looked down upon and thrown out?

    This shouldn't matter to me, but for some reason this poor guy's plight led me to tell the owner 'Allright, that was close. I had my eye on the same piece' I flashed my ID, purchased the bubbler, and went along my merry way. I met the teen outside, asked him for the money he was going to pay for it and traded off the bubbler to him. I felt that if I could spare this kid the feeling of being treated like absolute shit because he's stuck with newspaper rolling for another year then I've also made a decent forgoing in the cannabis culture.

    I dont believe that a minor who walks into a headshop with a good attitude should be denied the ability to purchase himself a decent piece of glass. If a person is going to smoke, a decent pipe has to be healthier than any paper on any day of the week.
    Now, I am NOT advocating that we should have 12 year old kids walking into the store and walking out with a few hundred dolalrs worth of glass, no. But a more reasonable age (with the tradeoff of walking into the shop and portraying yourself as a responsible person) such as 15 or 16.

    Please respond to this if you feel the same way, or do not. I would love to see people's opinions on this matter.

    And, as always, Peace. :rolleyes:
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  2. yea i agree with you , i remember i was like 16ish and i went to a smokeshop and was going in to buy a pipe and i was kicked out like i was trash.........sucked, i hated smokeshops cuz i new i would jus be tempted.....but not anymore, haha.....but yea, thats cool you helped him out like that i would have hugged you or something if you did that hahahahahaha thats awesome
  3. no headshops here id. the only one that i've seen ID is a store slash headshop which fuckin sucks anyway.
  4. its not a big deal man, theyre gonna get the glass (as you have proven) whether theyre of legal age or not
  5. That was definately a good deed man, bet that kid was just as happy as a clam. I can understand headshops being cautious of minors because of conservative racists constantly trying to shut them down, but that is just outright rediculous. I personally wouldn't purchase anything from a jerkoff like that, but props on hookin the kid up. Was the worker middle eastern? They have bad tempers let me tell you, if I had a dollar for everytime I've seen one of my friends running from a screaming arab I'd be rollin in blow.
  6. Given that the cops try to shut down the headshops whenever they can, I can completely understand them being paranoid about letting underage smokers in. It's basically a tobacco shop (at least on paper) and for obvious reasons, tobacco shops are always 18+.

    You did good buying the peice for the guy, but don't blame the headshop for enforcing a rule that if they failed to, would get the business fined.
  7. Most of the time I was chill with the peoples there when I was younger so I had no problems gettin' some sweet glass in my day... even if the head shops bitched out... the next burn-out stoner with an ID was less than 3 feet away.

    You think I'm kidding? No. I'm dead serious. I tried to buy a pack of cigarettes once and the guy who was workin't here did this little personality switching thing where he was like sorry sir I'll need to see your I.D. and then he'd pick around an imaginary corner and be like Yo! It's just me but the mans got me down! I'll hook you up with some cigs out front... peace! Have a good day sir. Then back around the imaginary corner and he'd walk straight out the door with me and bum me a sig. I just thought that was really funny back then for some reason.
  8. i actually remember the first time i went to a headshop the owner was really nice and i was 16 at the time(and didnt look at all 18) and he was the coolest guy and as long as you lied about your age it was cool, they never checked id's.
    i guess they went for your suggested rule that if you look responsible you can get goodies, and thats how they should all be
  9. I really think minors should be able to get glass, you did a very noble thing and that guy was probably shocked when you ran out with the peice, you probably made his day.

    Again, if some 15-16 yo comes in acting like a jackass you should just throw him out on the spot...but if all hes trying to do is get a peice and go get stoned why discriminate? we are all breaking the law....drug paraphernalia is still drug paraphernalia wether you are underage or above age. I do understand why the owner wouldn't want any heat from the law though but i dont think theres many 15-17year olds out there poseing as cops
  10. Theres a headshop near me that doesn't even allow minors in. I used to just look inside from the glass windows.
  11. That was mad cool of you man I got rep for being cool to other stoners so I will pass on the same +rep for the good deed. JOE>
  12. they slide your ID through a reader thing here in orlando
  13. You do understant the piggies want to close down headshops
    Headshops are just barely able to get by w/ the tobbacco only excuse, but they have to obey the tobbacco laws. Couple years ago a ton of places were closed down during operation pipe dreams and operation headhunter, cops and narc would basically go in and either try and get the places to sell w/o id or use drug terminology like bongs and shit, then close the shop down and seize all the pipes. So it's your choice, either have no headshops, or just wait till your 18. Theres still usually plenty of places that sell little cheap pipes that you can find under 18. A store with a few grand worth of glass isnt gonna risk getting it all seized over a $50 bubbler though.
  14. I just held out and waited until I was 18 and then really hit the headshops. Looking at it at from the owners point of view, you can get shut down for not id'ing, just like selling cigs/beer to minors, its a no-no.
  15. cant even get into most shops round me without being 18, they dont really check but if u dont look old enough they will check, it did happen to my one friend, he had to stand outside while my other friend and i baught a pipe
  16. no way, all those little kids are going to ruin it for the rest of us tokers. i mean if that's the rules, then that's the rules. it's just like at the city, and how there are no minors are allowed here. if some little youngin did something and ruined the city, or if some little shit tried to sneak into a headshop and gets everyone busted, then i'm going to be upset! there are rules for a reason!

  17. hahah, hell yea they do, when i was in fl i didnt have an ID with me the whole time, and everytime went into Pipe dreams 2 i didnt get ided because the first time i went in there i walked straight up to this chick in there that owned or worked there and starting hittin on her, got her name and number told heri was 20 and never got id'd again there haha, it was awesome. BUT...its been since november and i dont remember what the other two stores were called, but i could never buy anything, just look around lol. I hate those damn scanners
  18. I totally agree alot of teens mature before 18 and should be treated as adults. +rep for helping the dude out, very nice of you:cool:
  19. Down in the valley always ID checks, they ID check just to look at the glass, but none of the others do. Now that i think about it, thats probably the store your talking about, if so.. nevermind, i'm a little baked.
  20. It was never to much of a problem for me when I was under 18. There is this smoke shop up the street, and I've been going there for years, even before I was 18.

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