head shops near jacksonville fl?

Discussion in 'General' started by sam42012, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. hey whatsup im new here and i was just wondering if anyone knew of any head shops near jacksonville fl other then glass eye thanks alot
  2. A few months back, me and a buddy drove down to Jacksonville to visit one of our friends that was working on a movie there. The entire way down, whenever we passed a porn store, my buddy wanted to stop. We finally went to one the day we were leaving for home and the first thing we saw when we walked into the store...was a big display full of bongs, pipes, papers, and other head shop type items.

    I can't remember the name of it, but it was kinda near a pretty big mall and across the street from a Jaguar dealership. I guess the main point of this post was to say, check the porno stores. Kinda blazed right now :smoke:
  3. hey did the mall happen to be the avenues mall, regency square, towncenter, or the orange park mall...lol those are the biggest malls in jax so can u remember any? thanks alot
  4. Regency Square was it. I'm pretty sure it was a few miles south or south west or the mall.
  5. oh then it was probably that jaguar dealership on atlantic blvd thanks alot man ill check it out tomorrow
  6. No problem at all :D
  7. Inserection. Nice store :)
  8. There is a brand new one called HalfPipe on 9766 Old St. Augustine Rd 32257 Right next to Inksmith Tattoo. They have a really good selection of pipes and Tshirts
  9. went to "Smokers Friendly", was a nice little shop

  10. Wade's World in Fleming Island (corner of 220 & 17) in front of the Walmart is ok. Also, Smoke City in-between Whataburger and Rita's Ice in Orange Park (off blanding) is also ok.

    And yes, quite a few of the Pron shops are also head shops.
  11. theres smoke city off beach blvd which is overpriced and sucks, the staff also sucks and is not knowledgeable what so ever, however they do have a good paper/small item selection that is also overpriced and wades world in fleming island which is worth a visit and the best headshop in the area for decent glass at a somewhat affordable price. Theres some other ones like pipe 4 you and some off 3rd street that aren't worth a visit

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