Head Shops in West Michigan

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  1. I live in Western Michigan and it sucks because western michigan is one of the most conservitive areas in the country and because of that there are bairly any head shops around. theres a couple and in G. R. and theres one on the northside of Holland called The Orange but they dont have that good of a selectoin and the prices are kinda steep. Does any one know of any head shops here in west michigan????????thanks

  2. The glass onion in Kalamazoo, it's not bad at all.
  3. I Know there is a good place in Battle Creek called Otter's Oasis they got a real good selection of bongs
  4. Conservative does not equal anti-marijuana.

    Western Michigan has bad unemployment and lower population density. That's why there aren't any headshops.
  5. I used to live in Grand Rapids for almost 20 years...You're right though, the shops in GR are expensive and don't have a very good selection...I'd just buy online. I could've sworn I heard about there being one in Holland...that was a couple years but Google is your friend.
  6. just what he said
    how is that an lolwut
  7. Definitely check out Shakedown Street. There is Purple East also but their prices are quite a bit higher and really don't have selection of Shakedown Street.
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  9. In muskegon there are a few. There is insani-t's on Henry st. Boomtown next to k-mart on apple. those are the two main one's I go to. There is also sleeping tiger imports in the lakes mall but I really do not recommend them.

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