Head Shops in Northeast Ohio

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    Hello everyone,

    Was wondering if there are any Northeastern Ohio residents here. In addition, I was also wondering if there are any head shops in the area, particularly the Hubbard, Niles and Warren areas. Any help would be greatly apreciated!
  2. I've heard of one nice place up North in Ohio, can't recall the name though. Best bet is road tripping down to Import House or something like that, but you still probably won't find anything amazing. Low end heady bubs, 3.2mm RooR and some nice perc RooR tubes.

    Illadelph, Blue Dot, stuff like that.

    Waterbeds N' Stuff carries some Kustom RooR in a few shop, but no headies from them either unless you find some Froor slides or something of that sort.
  3. I live in columbus and we got puff and stuff and dreamworks
  4. Nice! Would you be able to tell me what towns those are located in?
  5. Dream Merchant is accross the street from Import House on 13th Ave in Columbus.
    Puff N' Stuff is down the Street. There is also Cloud Nine but I've never been there.
  6. akron has at least two. can't remember the names at the moment.
  7. Akron has the Odd Corner.

    Some good peeps own Grateful Daze somewhere in clv or canton.

    Blue Moon in Lakewood is pretty dope, there's a few on that strip.

    There's a shit ton in NE Ohio last time I was there.
  8. Saint George and the Dragon head shop on market street youngstown there is also one on mahoning ave heading into austintown called Paradise Alley
  9. any cheap headshops in cleveland? west side or lakewood? or surrounding areas?

  10. Lakewood... head shops.... noooooo :D

    Just kidding... Daystar is my recommendation. Great selection of equipment and some good guys in there that are willing to work with you.

    Daystar has 2 locations, one at 17102 Detroit Avenue and the other at 15798 Lorain Avenue. They have quite a different selection between them, but I prefer the Detroit location myself.

    There is also a place named 'Cannabis Connections' on MAdison I believe, but I've never been in there, just passed it a few dozen times.

    There is a little place called The Attic that was right next to the Symposium, but I think a fire wiped that place out. There was a VERY small selection of goods there, but I haggled that place down to next to nothing for my Bub.

    Good luck on your search.

    Long live the Lakewood tokers!
  11. a place in canton has this place called the quanza hut, it has some pretty neat stuff
  12. I live in Columbus too, and Puff N stuff doesnt have anything special. Your best bet is import house for a selection with RooR, Medicali, and left coast being some of the better ones. They're currently out of Illadelphs I believe (were 5 days ago last time i went in) and they have been for a WHILE.

    Ive been to all of those shops listed in columbus above and import house is def. your best bet, but unfortunately its nothing too special.
  13. its called Quonset Hut. No high end stuff but they have A LOT of pipes and a good selection of bongs. Zong is really the only name brand they carry.
  14. Hello there are a cpl one in warren on parkman road called the hippie shop used to be called the cannabis society , there is one on mahoning ave in youngstown heading toward austintown called paradise alley and my favorite is on market street in youngstown called saint george and the dragoon . these are the three local ones i know of unless you wanna go to ravennna to the tinkerbox good luck
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    Repping Lakewood here too.

    Daystar is by far the best one in the area. I've never been to the Lorain store, but I've always had a good experience at their Detroit store. They are always willing to answer questions and their products are of very good quality. The last time I was in there I was buying a bowl that was clearly marked as $18, but the guy said he thought it was 16 and gave it to me at that price. I've always had a good experience when I've went there and I definitely recommend going there.

    There's one on Coventry in Cleveland Heights if you're closer to that area. I haven't been there, but I've heard it isn't great. I would stick to Daystar if you can.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that Cannabis Connection is not a headshop. From my understanding it is an art studio, but I've never been in there.

    Also, I just realized this is from 2009 and just got bumped yesterday, my bad.
  16. I live in akron, the odd corner is good

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