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head shops in north florida

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by papacherry1287, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. was wondering if anyone new where a good head shop was in Jacksonville or surrounding areas. looking to buy a lux
  2. Tallahassee seems like a far away spot to drive to but some people drive numerous hours to buy weed. We have a nice small and very friendly "tobacco supplies shop" (fucking politicians.) with a great selection of hand and water pipes + other paraphanalia, last time I was there I did note that while they have many technologically simple/locally blown waterpipes, the selection of name brand ones isn't significantly large, its worth a try though. The shop is called "papas smokes"
  3. is that the one across from the stadium? i just moved to Tallahassee and im trying to find some bob marley j papers. i cant find and good bud for a price thats worth the bud. i feel like theres nothing but these 8ths that arent worth the 60 these dealers want, especially when they cant tell me the name of the bud.
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    I live on the north side of town (suburbs and such) so I hardly to never go lower than west tennessee, the shop I'm talking about is on N. Bronough, a few buildings down from the holiday inn (can't turn at the inn since the street is a one way though). I bet they'll have your papers since bob marley posters are all over the walls, also the blonde who works there will have you buying piece after piece so you'll have an excuse to stay in the same room with her. Unfortunately an eighth of kb for 60 is the norm around here and while name brands can be found they aren't trustworthy names since they're generic like chronic, occasionaly you might find purp. If the 1/8's you're buying aren't greater than fire then check out the northside of town, here $60 or a little less will buy you a q of fire.
  5. yea, i would pay 60 a quarter for the stuff around here but not 60 an 8th. thanks for the info, i wanna try to find some middies/headies hookups just to have too but i doubt i will. see im used to not having amazing weed cause i come from PA and all they got is middies and headies, so we bought huge amounts of that shit for cheaper.
  6. FSU prices will always be high since few people there buy anything larger than a dub sack. A connect on the northside simply requires you to generally associate with people around here, we potheads are definitely not an endangered species. If you're feeling a little brave just take a walk in the ghettos near fsu, in the afternoon/evening seeing people smoking blunts in their frontyards isn't a rarity and you can get a hook-up by just being cool and friendly, the problem is you're more likely to get jumped or ripped off.
  7. yea see i thought about going into the getto and my bro who has been here for a year told me i would probably be raped a bunch before getting any bud. o and hes no hope in finding decent bud cause hes satisfied with paying 60 an 8th

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