Head Shops in harrisburg PA??

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  1. Whats going on u bunch of fuckin burnouts. :smoke: Im lookin to get a new glass piece and was wondering if anyone knows of any good head shops around Harrisburg PA. Im near Linglestown and Jonestown road. I head there was one on Linglestown but I havent found it.
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    the one on linglestown road is near that new shopping center and its actually int he tattoo shop. They have a small selection. The two main headshops I use are Custom Blends on the carlisle pike next to the philly cheese steak place and the other one which is prob the best out of all of them is in mechanicsburg on market st called the Magical Incense Shop. They have ALOT of stuff there prob over 200 glass pipes and bubblers and a selection of 75-100 bongs. Plus they have any kind of accessories you may need, bong accessories, lighters, incense, scales, bong parts, ect ect. The guy that owns the place has always been very nice to me, but i have read some bad reviews about him on the internet. He will continue to get my business until proven otherwise though, never have had a prob with him.

    bought this setup from the guy in Mechanicsburg

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