head shops in Florida?

Discussion in 'General' started by ExOTiC, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. can any one tell me some head shops in Orlando, Florida
  2. Pipe Dreams II (I'm sure Pipe Dreams is rad, aswell,) they carry RooR, PH(x) and of course have mad custom pieces, hookas, pipes, spoons, vapes, etc. It's got a lot of stoner knick-knacks, a nice clothing and porn section... it's basically you're one stop stoner shop.

    It's one of the best head shops I've ever been to.

  3. yep much love to this shop on 436 by the papa johs ... Alot of goor stuff....look for the vw vans ....
  4. i only buy my pieces from pipe dreams 1 and 2 ...representin and supportin local glass...ask for shadow glass

    yea u cant miss em smokin monkey or somethin i cant remember exactly im baked everytime ive been

    oh and theres also mystiq on university near the 417 across from cvs or walgreens and a couple more but those 2-3 are ur best bet mystiq is more expensive then pipe dreams
  5. Pipe dreams. There's one in the plaza at the corner of 441 and Clarcona-Ocoee as well.
  6. fasho thats pipe dreams 2 what weve been talkin about
  7. i hear theres a little shop in the amazon flea market on colonial/50
  8. thank you so much lol
  9. Pipe Dreams was my fav shop back home

    theres the Gspot on Colonial near the executive airport (its TINY and in a small shopping center with a sound advice)

    and High Society near UCF, its in the shopping center where the Winter Park WingHouse is
  10. they moved a few blocks down, gspot that is. its HUGE compared to where they used to be. i bought some salvia there about a week ago.
  11. There is also Mystic and New Galaxy are both in the Orlando area and near UCF. New Galaxy is where i get all my shit and they r real kool there.
  12. Theres one off 17-92 by Airport BLVD in Sanford. Thats the only one ive been too.
  13. purple ringer is my personal favorite, its at the corner of 436 and howell branch road in the same shopping center as big lots. i know this thread is old, but i felt the need to put my 2 cents in :smoking:

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