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  1. trying to find a store with awesome glass in Austin Texas. not from around here so not quite sure where everything is at, tried using the search tool and couldn't come up with anything so forgive me if there are 20913819 of these threads

    Thanks GC!
  2. BC Smoke Shop has specialty, novelty, arty pieces, and is obviously more expensive.

    Gaspipe has it all.
  3. I've been to BC smokeshop on Guadalupe. Decent prices, nice selection, willing to negotiate.
  4. Awesome thanks! Looking for Medicali glass also if anyone knows where to find that, could never find it in california
  5. Hey buddy. The generic headshops here are Planet K, Pipes Plus, and Gas Pipe. Planet K has a moderately good selection of cheap glass and I currently have a $70 bong from there. I've never been to Gas Pipe (but I believe they carry brand names like Roor) and I don't recommend Pipes Plus.

    For quality local glass, head to the 2 new and best head shops in town - BC Smokeshop on Guadalupe as mentioned previously, and Smoco in South Austin. Good luck.
  6. Thanks for the info purps! Plan on checking these places out

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