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head shop

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokemlongtimes, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. so whats the best way to ask around head shops for some product

    I never really used them before always got my stuff off friends
    but since all my boys are in BK got to start fresh
  2. Just get to know the people that work there, and don't rush anything. Possibly drop hints, but just be a nice person. The person that works at my head shop and I had a conversation the other day about cocaine :)
  3. Dnt ask the ppl that work there. just kinda look at the ppl who go inside and ull know the stoners easily. Wait till they get outside and ask em.
  4. Most places won't advertise as a 'Headshop' at best they'll call themselves a smoke or tobacco shop.Some places will have a small back section. Places that appeal to 15-25 year olds Skateboard shops, Trendy CD shops,Trendy clothing, Leather/Biker shops.
    Tourist areas with lots of gift/souvienier shops should have something. I've been in the Conch Republic for 16 years.I remember when there was 1 head/hemp shop on Duval St. in Key West. Now every T-shirt & sandel shop has a pipe & bowl display case.
    If you do find a place,Be Careful when talking store personel. I was in Jacksonville,Fl. & found a Skate shop that had a back curtained area. I asked for smoking accesories & they checked my I.D. & show me their display. The clerk asked " What are you looking for". I was looking for a dugout,but i didn't see any right off in their slim offering. So I replied that I was looking for 'something small'....'like a one hitter'. The clerk stopped me right there & said since I used a drug term (one hitter) he couldn't sell to me for 24 hours.:eek:
  5. Oh, never say the product is for weed say tobacco if you have to say anything at all.
  6. don't say any drug related words. like don't say bong say "water pipe"
  7. i think the previous three posters misunderstood your question. you're not looking for a piece to smoke out of, but what goes into the bowl, am i right?

    it's pretty tough, tbh. i'm having the same problem, moved to a new town and trying to establish connections. head shop employees are trained to refuse you if you ask about drugs. some are nice about it while others can be assholes.

    if you use a codeword for it, like 'you know where i can find some green?' their standard response is 'what do you mean by that?' or 'i don't know what you mean.'

    the only way i could see it happening is if you actually became friends with them and they trusted you to let you in on their personal supply. there's no telling how long that could take.

    i got some hilarious advice before where someone told me to buy a pipe from a head shop, fill it with tobacco, and go smoke right outside the door. then when anyone asks you about it you can start a conversation with them and hopefully score some. never done it but it'd be awesome if it worked.
  8. the couple of head shops i went to when i first went into one i accidently used the term "bong" and was called on it, all they did was told me to use "waterpipe" and not bong and i was like ok srry but was all cool. walked away with my first glass spoon and a little plastic mini bong for free. but yea just act casual and try not to use the pot terms for the smokeing items.
  9. water pipe, glass pipe, bubbler, rolling papers, cigar papers, and bowl are all acceptable. If there is ever a question in you mind, just refer to what you are talking about as "that," as in, "May I please see that thing right there? No, not that one, that one."
  10. So why can't you use the terms like bong for example?
  11. bong - by definition is a water pipe associated with marijuana use. (paraphernalia)
  12. Yeah one of my friends asked about a grinder and said "does it have a keef catch" they hadda kick him out because of that.
  13. oh ok thanks. If I wanted to buy a ash catcher,(the one that looks like a very little bong that sits right at the bottom of the bowl and then goes in the bong) what would be the proper term to use?

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