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Head shop words?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mr.Burnsalot, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. can you say bubbler in a head shop?
  2. answer please
  3. I would. I doubt many are too strict, the ones I go to, I frequently say "bong". Maybe it's just me.
  4. Depends on the shop, one of the ones near me are quite uptight and asked me not to use the word bong before. The correct terminology according to them was "waterpipe"
  5. what would be the other word for bubbler?
  6. don't think theres another word, just ask and if u shouldn't use the word bubbler he will give u the correct word to use
  7. Bubbler is fine, I've said it in every shop I've been in and have never been corrected. Saying 'bong' on the other hand is quite taboo in most shops.
  8. Never use the word bong in a head shop. I don't know if some of them are more lax than others but most would prefer not because if an undercover police officer is in the shop and overhears, he can revoke the store's license.

    As far as "bubbler" goes, however, I've never heard of a store ever NOT using it.. in my store I went in and kind of vaguely referred to "wet pieces" and was checking out most of the bubblers, so I waited until the guy referred to them as bubblers before I started using the term. You could do something like that
  9. The reason why you can't say bong is because bong is a direct reference to drug paraphernalia.

    Technically, it's not illegal for YOU to say bong, but if the owner of the pipe (aka an employee) refers to it as a bong, it is no longer a water pipe, it is now drug paraphernalia, and illegal to poses.

    Should be good on Bubbler though, I can't think of another name to call it.

    Chambered Hand-Pipe?
  10. i would just say water pipe
  11. Gotta say sucks that we are reduce to use proper names for are wonderful smoking tools.
  12. your best bet is just to point at it and tell him you would like to see it. and he may be like. "Oh you mean this bubbler right here" and then you will know what to call it
  13. Any 'bong' or bubbler' can be reffered to as a waterpipe. I still say bubbler in stores, but never bong or anything likke that. A bubbler can also be called a handheld water pipe, which is what it is.
  14. a bubbler is a bubbler, most shops you go into have signs that say bubbler right on them.
  15. Bubbler should be fine, and if it isn't, you'll most likely just be corrected.

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