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  1. So on this application for a job at a head shop that I really like, it asks to draw a cartoon or write a short story about why I would like to work there. I, on the other hand, want to either draw or write something so profound/ridiculous that they have no choice but to hire me. I need some help on ideas though. I'm not really looking to borrow someone else's entire idea, I'm just kinda looking for some starting places. Thanks tokers.

  2. simply write "THE GOVERNMENT IS LYING TO YOU"
  3. draw a bong super hero
  4. Draw Towelie and a bong-super hero

    they go on a adventure and then towelie smokes the bong hero
  5. The place you are applying at ic called Planet-k...and funny enough my friend went and applied for that job and for his picture he drew a picture of an eye, then a heart, and then a bong...get it...I heart Bong..............They actually called him back for an interview!

    How long have u lived in austin Chris?
  6. Hmmm.

    I like the I Heart Bong idea.

    I'd love to get a head shop job, get to sell salvia to people.

    That plus i get to advise people on bongs and shit, thereby increasing my own knowledge.

  7. Sorry it's taken a while to respond, I was away from my computer for a few days.

    I'm actually living in San Marcos. I moved here last August. The Austin/Sm area has been, by far, my favorite place to live.
  8. is this the san marcos planet k, or austin?
    if austin...is it by ATCMHMR?
  9. yeah, it's the one here in SM
  10. i was just in san marcos the other day!
    i went by this headshop called 'high times'!
    and i got a brand new glass piece!
    ever heard of the place?

  11. yeah i've been there a few times. they sometimes have some hot stoner chicks working there, and did you meet bear? that guy is awesome.
  12. ^^^

    i just love when ppl make stoner connections. kinda heartwarming in a way

    GC > eharmony

  13. most definitely.

    we should get together sometime. (speaking to you people who come through san marcos)
  14. umm naw not really but there definetly was a hot stoner chick there!
    she sold me a $20 pipe for $15!
    i actually live in San Antonio tho!
    i jus visit san m arcos alot!
  15. \

    yo that chart is rediculous in yoru signature, $180 for a ounce? that better be some KUSH
  16. shit. at 180 an ounce, i'd be glad with almost anything. except if it was regs, then someone would be getting kicked in the throat
  17. i'm not trying to bring you down man, just sharing my opinion
    dont you think it's likely that the "$20" pipe was only ever worth $15 to begin with?
    by marking it at 20 they can sell it for 20 to someone who sees it and says "i want that"
    OR they can bring a couple dollars off, or even 5 bones off and then you are hooked, i mean how could u resist such a good deal?!?
    this happened to me on one of my first pipes. i loved the pipe, but just thought after i bought it that he gave me that discount a little too quickly
  18. ah shit son, i might be going to cal state san marcos next year..how is it up there?
  19. Start of with gas tankers, driving down the road, until one gets a flat tire then KABLAAHHH!! Then it gets the other one on fire the BLAHHH KAPLAAHH!! An ambulance comes to the rescue but gets swallowed up by the flames then KABLLAHHHH!!!

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