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Head Shop Job

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by blluntblowin, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Hey all,
               I am trying to get a job at a local head shop. The owner emailed me and wanted a resume plus wanted to know about any retail experience I have and my knowledge of the "glass portion of the industry".
                  What exactly do you think he means? Like I know what all pieces are for (E.I bongs, pipes, vapes, bubblers, ash catchers, diffusers, percs etc...) Or is it more companies and the knowledge of what they offer, prices, etc... In that case I know a good amount of glassware companies (Hoss, ROOR, Cheech, Gear, Medicali, ZOB etcc...) Do you think this is what he means? Or should I try to find out other stuff about the "glass portion of the industry".

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    He likely wants to know what you know about glass in general. Brands,usage etc.
    May even help to show you know about other parts of the industry like vapes, papes, wicks etc.  Always know your products nothing worse than a headshop employee that you can totally tell they know shit about shit. (I ask stupid questions just to test them LOL.
    Also if you know how to sell the no name stuff for higher prices then they are worth B)
  3. Why not cover both topics? I bet he'd like you even more because you know what you're talking about
  4. Just bring knee pads and chap stick.  :D
  5. Aha thanks for the replies guys, snoopdog got it right tho. xD 
  6. You called it a bong. You are fired before you even got the job.
    Do whatcha gotta do. It's a tough economy brother.
    Yea they hired a red head with big boobs.
    I know If it were my shop the staff would be fine looking women. :)
  9. the headshop I go to does not give a single shit lol. I mean they have signs up saying not to mention anything illegal but only because they have to. My first time Coming in I was like "where are your... Water pipes..." The dude goes "ohh you mean a bong, bro? They're over here" Lol

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