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  1. So, i go to my LHS probably at least once a week. Last week I asked if they were looking for help, and of course, it's a hard time getting a job at one of these shops. but yesterday I went in and one of the workers noticed me and waved me over when I was on my way out the door after purchasing from (that I didn't know at the time) was the owner. and So I asked if they were looking for help and they asked me to leave my number, they seemed pretty interested...but also they caught me off guard when I was baked as all hell. anyways, when it comes to actual interviewing and starting what should I expect? because I'm definitely going to follow up. I naturally work as a waitress and he seemed pretty pleased with that.
  2. why do you go every week? are u just looking at shit or buying stuff?
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    sometimes to look around and most times to buy stuff. even tiny purchases like insense...and why not go every week if it's conviently located
  4. Not sure what you should expect. I wouldnt be too nervous or anything. Itll probably be fun plus possible employee discounts?!?
  5. I would just go in n be urself..they probably want to see what ur personality is like over any really skill.. Besides math..just be the happy, ready to work, you!

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