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Head Rushes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sensi Enthused, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. Personally, I love them. Who else enjoys enducing the head rush? (Desperate attempt to get this forum movin')
  2. *Follows Sensi's lead*

    Head rushes kick ass. Especially when you get one that hits you so hard that you just collapse. Those are the best, in my opinion.

  3. ^^my friend did that 1 time after a bong rip, fell backward smack dab on a metal wood carrier, heellla funny but his mom yelled at us for bein loud, shes coo tho
  4. man i love those big hits you can get that will either make you fall down if your standing, or just about go into convultions just sitting there. lightheadedness is the best.
  5. yeah same here, im lucky if i get one once every two weeks now. Unless im smokeing something very killer.
  6. If I'm playing NBA Live for a few hours or something, then I stand up suddenly, I get the biggest head rush ever. Not a comfortable one either, makes me feel like I'm gonna collapse and fall down the stairs.
  7. Once we got really high and my friend kept on stranggling me so that I would "controlled" pass-out or blackout....that was insane...your body begging for more air and then just slowly suffocating until everything goes black and then you wake up on the floor....

    it was funny the first few times but then it just got silly and dangerous..I dont do it anymore
  8. I like holding in a hit until you're just about to faint. All of a sudden you're in a new world. Haha.
  9. blacking out cant be to safe ... My friends purposly black each other out, all u gatta do is inhale alot of weed hold it then get somebody to punch you in the chest, ull wake up soon so dont worry, lol
  10. Yeah. My friends and I do that to small closets and shit. So little oxygen by the end, you just smoke yourselves out and you're in a happy place : - D

  11. Haha ya that is the best. I did that yesterday afternoon with my bong, I wanted to see how long I could possibly hold in a hit. I have no idea how long it actually was, but when I exhaled my head just fell down to my legs and I had no chance of being able to move it at all for about a minute. Lol, love things like that.
  12. I've never had a head rush that's been especially strong.
  13. sometimes ill get a headrush when i stand up and i get really lightheaded and everything just fades to black for a few seconds.
  14. pahahahah

    omfg, this title reminded me of something that happend earlier today..

    my friend Fil called me up and wanted to know if i would smoke him up if he gave me some pills. i said it was coo and we met up. he gave me the pills and said because he has taken so many he hadent slept in 2 days, and he looked like shit..
    anyways we were chillin in these woods and i had my new bong and we smoked 2 bowls of grapefruit out of it and after we chilled for awhile he kpet sitting, squatting and looking uncomforatable, and then he was like " dude, im gonna pass out" and he all of a sudden looked blank, and stummbled around and dove face first into sticker bushes...cuts everywhere

    hella big head rush...
  15. Just wanted to get my post count to the nice even number of 400. : - D
  16. fuckin head rushes are the best man, their amazing. i just love that feeling of a rough ass hit where i can't even feel my head and everything starts to become purple and black. it's crazy. i seem to get lots of headrushes when i'm coming down, or the next day after a night of toking. just sitting on the couch for awhile then get up, i can barely walk...
  17. I was just outside smoking a few bowls. Had one rush that made me fall against my garage door. : - D
  18. heh..headrushes are cool,especially with good weed...once had a headrushe so powerful that when I tried sitting down I caught my nipple ring comeing down.,...
  19. hell yeah.....head rushes baby....gotta love it when you squat down to hit it and slowly stand up...that is killer....

    does it get you any more stoned?

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