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Head Rushes

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Ayasegawa, Jun 2, 2013.

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    I noticed lately that I've been getting head rushes after taking big or moderately big hits. Like the last month or so, if I take a nice hit and hold it in my vision starts to go not really black but it just goes 'out' slowly unless I exhale. 
    I think it has something to do with blood pressure, does that mean my blood pressure is high or low? And it is due to smoking weed? Because it only started happening recently, been smoking daily on and off for a few years now.
    I've never passed out or completely lost vision, just got nice little head rushes, especially if I stand up after taking a hit. Which reminds me, I do get head rushes fairly often when standing up after sitting down for a while, which never happened until I started smoking weed for a few years. 
    So basically it's most likely my blood pressure being low or high, is there any way to correct it while still being able to smoke if that's the cause?

    Sums it up too.

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    how long are you holding your hits in for? not sure,but i have borberline high bp. and don't have everyone who loves you a favor and please go have your bp checked and if it is hi get medication to control it. you could easily have a stroke or die if you don't get it controlled.
  3. Usually as long as I can, I don't really believe that whole "it doesn't make you higher if you hold it in longer" thing, the logic is correct that your lungs can only absorb a certain amount of THC each hit but they can absorb more than a few seconds worth. However I don't hold it that long all the time, sometimes I'll hold it in for 10-20 seconds instead but still get a head rush every once in a while.
  4. Well its too bad. Your issue is you are replacing too much oxygen with smoke. You are holding too long. It is NOT true that you need to hold longer.

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  5. Could be bad eating habits? Dont smoke on a empty stomach. Dehydration? Do you drink a lot of soda?
  6. Low blood pressure, probably.
  7. ya. x2
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    I'm almost 100% positive it's blood pressure, as not only is that what everybody is saying but it makes sense. NAS says that at first it increases your blood pressure, but chronic usage actually decreases it, causing many people to faint when they stand up after lying or sitting down due to a sudden change from low to high blood pressure. 
    Luckily I've never passed out because I'm a fairly healthy and hardy person and can keep myself from passing out, but I still don't like the whole thing. My main concern is will it end up being something permanent? Or if I quit smoking would it eventually normalize? Or preferably, if I just make some diet changes or something can I still smoke weed and have normal blood pressure?
    I have a question though, is the blood pressure change due to the weed? Or is it due to the oxygen deprivation when holding your breath? Both would make logical sense but if it's the oxygen deprivation I'll start holding my hits for a shorter amount of time. 
    I've experienced all of these at multiple points besides the 'fits' whatever those are and black-outs.
  9. It's just oxygen deprivation from the initial big hit. It happens when you stand up too fast, too.
  10. dude i get these all the time its momentarily low blood pressure in your head when you been sitting for so lng and stand up fast. i usually black out though and loose my balance, was really scared the first time it happened, but it only last maybe 30 secs at the most
  11. ayase, so what is your bp? if your are having the symptoms you are describing you could possibly be just a step away from a stroke. get it checked!  also try holding in just air with no hit taken. see if you still have a head rush. if you do it isn't the reefer.
  12. This might be outdated and you probably already have your answer but I went to the doctor recently and I have slightly low blood pressure. I sometimes get headrushes if I take big hits and hold them in for an extended period of time. It is most likely low blood pressure that you're experiencing.
  13. lol oxygen deprivation bro. Your body absorbs 99%of the THC that its going to within 5 seconds of inhaling... No need to hold it in soo long. Just killing brain cells.

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