Head Over Heels For This Girl

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Buddha_monk, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. too bad im just the rebound

  2. Oh no. I was waiting for a grand story but then I got this.

    Don't ever be the rebound. I was the rebound to my only love and it ended terribly. It's always bad.
  3. Oh no!! How could she!  I'm so sorry! Well, u gotta pick yourself up...and find a new girl to be hoh for; one that;s hoh for u!!  You wil!
  4. I really hope there's a story coming soon so we can help and give feedback
  5. Hopefully he will. Maybe he's just too hurt right now and needed to reach out first.
  6. That's what I'm hoping. Hopefully he'll be back in an hour with full details
  7. yea, sorry didnt have time when i started this for the story...
    i met this girl on my last day of school while making up classes. and we flirted the whole time so we kept talking... thing is, she just broke up with one of the dudes that i box with. im not worried about him, beat him before and ill do it again. but i feel like theres a chance that im just the rebound but idk now that ive thought about it more.
    she seems really over him, doesnt talk to him or anything. sounds like they had a shitty relationship all together.
    but if anyones turned a rebound into a relationship, any advice for me?
    she still loves him. you're just there because she's emotionally immature and thinks that being with someone else will fill that void. meanwhile its just gonna make her want to be with him more
    so think of that next time you're sleeping with her
  9. geez, lets hope not
    Maybe but maybe not.  Anything can happen... Just be cautious, and be prepared for anything.  Don't wear your heart on your sleeve so to speak.  Go out with her, get to know her and talk talk talk.... let her know you're a pretty upfront guy (I'm assuming) take it slow... And just see what happens. Who knows... maybe after getting to know her you'll  be like... "Nah she's not for me." 
  11. nope... im so in there.
  12. Ok just be careful. Be guarded cuz she is fresh outta another relationship. Have fun but low expectations.
  13. I'm in the same fucking boat OP. but our rebound relationship went on for like 6 months before she left me and went back to Cameron. Fucking Cameron.
  14. It sucks and I'm pissed about it still even though its been since New Years.
  15. shit if you like her date her. she gotta bounce back somehow right? she's tryna upgrade.
    just play the game with her ass.

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