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Head high vs body high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nathan, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. What's the diffrence?
  2. body high is related to indica you usually lay back to, more relaxed, head high youre energetic, more in the mood to do something related to sativa
  3. for me, smoking an indica means bracee yourself for cloudyness and heavy body ahaha. Feeling of not wanting to move, and when you do it feels really funny ahah.

    But sativa, there is no cloudyness you can still feel all your limbs, it seems your head is like crudely enhanced, something noticable that makes colors pop out, and othe amazing feelings.

    At least for me hehe
  4. indica (body high) should best be smoked in a chill environment/ if you have nothing too strenuous left to do for the rest of the day

    sativa (head high) produces more thought provoking highs, you will feel less sluggish, more up and soaring high, seems like you keep getting higher and higher
  5. Depends tho like if I'm going to a dnb,dubstep or glitchhop event I'll be smokin some fat indica man and goin all out on the dance floor cause indicas just make me feel more intune with my body.
    But if it's like a festival type place e.g. coachella sativas are bomb as hell cause I'm runnin around everywhere. :hello:
  6. im confused because i smoked only sativa and i got real lazy one time. I couldnt evn get up off my bed to get my ipod. i was stuck there watching tv rolling and laffing, but i culdnt get up
  7. you coulda used the search lol we get like 4 of these threads every week....
  8. Ahh, what every stoner refers to as "couch lock". More likely than not, you smoked something that was an Indica-Sativa hybrid. Are you sure it was pure Sativa?
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    indica's are the body high, plant wise they are smaller and bushier, coming from the middle east/india i think originally (please correct me if im wrong), when smoked will chill you out, sleepy, a bit slow, with good dank indica ive felt waves of 'energy' pulsing over my body. indicas are also of high medicinal value for a huge amount of physical ailments.

    sativas are the head high, plant wise they are taller, thinner and generally have less dense buds than indica (could be wrong again ), i dont know where sativa came from but a good guess would be when cannabis was introduced to climates where there isnt as much sun ( european continent possibly), causing them to stretch and eventually change their genetic modification, but thats just a guess. the high produced from sativas are very uplifting, energetic and euphoric, the best sativas i have tried can actually measure up to some of the experiences i have had with extasy. sativas are recommended medicinally for things like depression etc

    well that just proves it wasnt a sativa, somebody lied to you bro, or made a mistake.
  10. I dont know maybe. Cuz i still get extreme racing thoughts and it started out with me being happy dancing around my house listening to the ipod, but then i got in my room put the ipod down on the dresser and turned on my tv and stayed on my bed. And i still got wild thoughts while sitting there. Maybe I was just burnt out:smoke:
    Doesnt indica calm your thinking
  11. for me, pure indica is the only smoke that i truly enjoy, because of my mad ocd...if i smoke some hybrid that's more sativa than indica, i get panicky and obsessed with things, doing my ocd rituals more than usual, and it sucks, until i pick up my guitar (the one thing that i LOVE about sativa) as it makes me so much more musically creative. but if i just need to relax, i prefer indica. however, unless you are getting the bud from a club or from the grower, you will not know what it is really until you smoke it. in amsterdam i had pure indica strains and pure sativa strains and you can definitely tell a difference. i think everyone else has pretty much summed up the desired goal of the post. peace. :smoke:
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    For me, when I smoke indica, I just want to watch TV and let the marijuana massage my body sort of lol. I just want nothing more than to just lay back and straight up chill. I don't wanna talk or do anything lol. I don't personally really prefer indica strains. I find them boring compared to sativa strains. But then again if I just had a long day and I don't have any energy left I would rather smoke an indica and chill and sleep than smoke a sativa. Sativa's tend to use a lot of mental/physical energy for me. They make me think a lot. Sort of like shrooms but much much much less powerful lol.

    When I smoke Sativa, unless I got shit to do, I prefer to sit and chill. I like to listen to music, play video games, read, or just sit and think about everything under the sun (or have deep conversations if I'm with people). Sativa's make me think, they make me feel more euphoric than indica's, they make me feel more uplifted and full of energy, they give me that "movie theatre" vision if I smoke a lot of it, I dunno i just love sativa's lol. It's such a cleaner less narcotic type of high. Like I feel like when I smoke indica I never feel like I've had enough because I'm waiting to get to the point that I feel when i would say I'm done smoking a sativa, but then I realize it's an indica and that point will never come, I will just fall asleep lol. I dunno I could go on forever lol, but hopefully you get the idea.:smoke:

  13. Just to clear things up, Sativa's actually came from the part of the Earth with the best sun exposure - the equator. They receive the best light, and most UVB light, not the other way around.

  14. i guess this is just me but when i smoked a bowl of sativa all we felt like doing was sitting and watching sponge bob. but then a little later we smoked some indica and just had a huge urge to go riding around on scooters
  15. Is the best way to tell an Indica dominant from a Sativa the width of the leaf or what? because that is the only way I can tell . is there another way?

  16. i would like to know this also.... i've been smoking for a Long ass time but i have never bothered to find out how to tell the difference between Indinca or Sativa buds.
  17. There are a few indications in how the buds look, but the easiest way to find out is probably just to smoke it :hello::smoking:

  18. you got your buds mixed up man.. haha naw i mean its probably different for different people, like some ppl might prefer doing stuff after smoking indica.. idk just a theory
  19. I don't know how to tell with the buds, so I don't know if there's a way to.
    If you can see the leaves of the plant while it's alive, Sativa leaves will look like klandard's avatar, while Indica leaves will look like mine.

    On a good Sativa, I will feel my thoughts going very quickly, I want to go for a walk in nature or go places with my friends. I feel extra creative, I can discuss philosophy, politics, science, you name it. My brain works well, although obviously my short-term memory is affected by the weed.

    On a good Indica, I can sit and stare, and be completely content. I will often feel numbness, or pain relief. My munchies are way stronger on an Indica, and everything is more humorous, but I can't think as clearly. I smoked an unknown Indica dank once, and I sat and stared at the wall for 30 minutes, but my equilibrium felt like it was on a roller coaster. It felt like my body was zooming, even though I was sitting still.
  20. awesome examples!

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