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Head High Vs Body High?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 2313, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Do you think their is a difference between body highs and head highs? Do you think it is due to the way you choose to get high like smoking, edibles, or vaporizing? I'm not talking about the difference between saliva and indica highs. I'm baked as fuck from my MFLB right now haha. Very very very intense body high
  2. If not between sativa and indica then what are u asking again???
  3. I think OP means vapor vs smoking vs edibles
  4. As far as the method of smoking goes, I think it doesn't matter what you use; you'll get different effects based on indica or sativa. That being said, I think vaping (and dabs) are a more "clear-headed" high compared to other methods.
  5. Yeah i'm ripped on some GSC.Strong sativa head high. Indicas raise my tolerance faster and make me take a million naps lol.
  6. I mwan does the method you choose lean towards more of a certain high. For example, for me it seems vaping leads to a euphoric body high, while bong rips give me and head high.
  7. There is for sure a difference. When you are smoking herb from a pipe versus a vaporizer, the highs will be completely different. The vaporizer high will seem more of a body/heavy high. That is because you are only burning the THC, and not the other cannanoids. The harsher the smoke, the stronger the high in some cases. For instance, some say a steam roller will provide a better head high than a bong. A steam roller is basically like a unfiltered (no water) bong. 
    Also when you consume the herb, it also will effect your body in a different way. There are all sorts of ways to get baked! It is great to explore all the different kinds of ways. 
  8. You know, most of the strains most people are smoking are hybrids so you always get a little bit of both. Some start out with a soaring head high only to be left with a crushing sense of couch lock, and others give you a nice relaxation all over your body immediately and fishing with notes of sativa head high and focus.
    I stopped caring about all this shit a while ago, I just smoke the herb and go with the flow of it, because while the high is always familiar, it's always subtlety different every time.
  9. For me the vape is more head 

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