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Discussion in 'General' started by bobfish, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. i dont no why but sum times when im stoned i start to think to hard sum times it occurs 2 me that all i am is a bunch of chemical reactions thinking like this gives me a head fuck like nothing els coz i then try 2 focus on the reactions dose this or sum thing like this happen 2 any1 els or am i a freak???
  2. sorry, but i have no idea what you just said.
  3. Thinking too much about everything makes life difficult, and while doin' it after enjoying some mind altering herbs it's alot worse, some amount of thinking is good but overthinking is not. Yes we are made oput of atoms and neurons and electrons but what's the matter with that? it doesn't chance anything

  4. whooooooooo knows! lol
  5. What is this 'thinking' you speak of? :)
  6. blink on blount
  7. i know how it feels to be f0xed up like that!

  8. wait a min...hey killer :)
    are you in college? by chance?
    if im guessing right, I think I can help yeah...or at the very least entertain you ;) ....
  9. totally man. i think about that stuff a lot. its crazy to think that all we are is just like an 8 pound ball of mush. its crazy. if you jusr like focus on your brain and and think that that is all that makes you up, its crazy....
    especially if you try to think outside your body. i can't really explain it good. like looking through another person's eyes at yourself....wierd....

  10. 8 pound ball of whaaaaaaaaaat? no! no! no! aaaaaah! your on to something with the thinking outside your body...coooooome on, go with that...
    thats where it resides...
  11. I think "I'm pretty wasted." Are the words you were looking for.
  12. all the preasher is getting to me iv got a chem a leavel exam and iv just had a bio a leavel exam and all this stuff keeps goin round my head and funking my high still its my last exam 4 a bit so i can 4get all about it im leaving collage in the summer (after doing 3 years on a 2 year cource)

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