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Head and hands shaking

Discussion in 'General' started by rushlx, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. My head shakes at random moments and my hands just shake.. It happens when I'm high or when I'm not high. Does anybody know what's wrong?

  2. Bingo, I got really bad anxiety, Especially if im around large groups of people, Not that I have social anxiety its just I don't live in the greatest part of town so if Im at a party I see alot of scum in one place at the same time and it sends my nerves over the edge.
  3. Does it go away?

  4. Yea but it will hit me at random times, Like for some reason ill get anxious as fuck in a drive thru or getting a pack of cigs, its weird.
  5. my hands always twitch when i'm high and I have anxiety.
  6. World events being what they are, North Korea, Syria, terrorists, suitcase nuclear bombs, and those are the least worry, destruction of natural watequifer systems, the threat of bio attacks and the general Pheonix Project so close to reconstruction, no wonder you feel anxiety.
    Think of it this way... and to misquote/paraphrase Alexandra Tessla, Energy is abundant and all around us. We can use what comes free and natural, or we can go against Mother Nature."

    I went to Hella to research some lights. I inquired about lights in the 6500-7500 K rannge.
    I don't want to misquote, or mis-interperate...
  7. I think I heard that eating products high in magnesium helps.
    Like spinach or something.

  8. I heard spinach was like anal sex, Have it as a kid you'll hate it as an adult.:smoking::smoking:
  9. Just read about it. It never happens to me anymore. Good luck. And remember. It's all in the head! :)
  10. Hella lights does NOT want to sell lighting!
    I inquired about lighting frequencies for my camper area and the response, let me quote this exactly;

  11. You quoted my post, let me do ya a solid and return the favor
  12. Hahaha
  13. Prime example of the ol' weed trembles my friend.

    We all get themhgutsyu
  14. I don't think so.. I've had the feeling of anxiety.. My heart feeling like its beating fast, nausea and a needle like feeling going through my chest.

  15. It really is just the weed giving you panic attacks. It's all in the head buddy.

    Good luck.
  16. unrelated to weed, but i get anxiety sometimes usually in a large group of people...does anyone elses head or neck seem to lock up? that probally sounds weird but when im really nervous my neck gets really stiff, and its hard to move it
  17. Hella lights gave you the same response?

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