he thinks its regs xD

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  1. so theres this dealer i found, and whats awsome about him is, he THINKS hes selling regs but after i looked at it and tried it out, its actualy high grade mids lol. so you can buy a half o from this guy of high grade mids for about 40 bucks lmao.
  2. purely subjective ;)
  3. ^this.

  4. one high mids another mans shcaw.
  5. If the marijuana seems like high grade to you then buy as much as you can while it's a deal!

    I agree that marijuana quality is completely subjective, unless your judging "quality" by higher THC percentage which is also just opinion, it generally depends on an individuals tolerance.
  6. yes yes and yes
  7. ive got one buddy that always has the same bud, different batches but same strain. its cheap, doesnt look so good, but damn its good.

    appearance can tell you alot about it, but can lie. ive had pretty legit frosty buds, that just dont get you stoned. i even checked to see if it was some type of grit, but it was legit bud, crystally as hell but it smoked like swag. then this bud looks like something you wouldnt want to buy(around here, china bud, sucks ass) but its kickass.

    i held my bong in my hand for like a hour last night watching tv, it was loaded but the first 2 hits made me forget about it haha
  8. Buy an ounce for 80 bucks then and sell it to people as "high grade mids" and make a profit!

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