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He say's "What a Life"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, yes another pic of my man Tucker

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  2. HIGH All, ok this is the pic I wanted you to see. Rocdog is cleaning Woodbug's room of his stuffed animals and washed them and then giving them to a charity who gives needy kids toys and stuff.

    Tucker decided to hit the bed and snooze *LOL.

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  3. awwwwww so cute unoit!!!!!! hehehe
    toke on :smoke:
  4. HIGH All, isn't he.....and he takes a pic well.

    Have to go and do that four letter swear word....cya.

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  5. Great pictures mate! LOL, looks like he has the good life. ;)

    Good luck with that nasty four letter word!
  6. HIGH All, just putting a little light on the subject.

    Shit forgot I posted this STML I quess.

    No highgirly420 this is just for us stoners...he does make a good pic.

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  7. HIGH All, opps this is the one!!! What I wake up to.

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  8. You have a very handsome, healthy, and happy looking dog. I'm always glad to see dogs that are actually well-cared for, and share more than just an "owner-pet" relationship. Fuck those fuckers that neglect their pets. They can burn in the darkest depths of Hell.

    On a lighter note, I have two black labrador retrievers. Don't think I could do without them. : - )

  9. If have to go shit? thanks for informing us....high weirdo...nice dog though..

  10. HIGH All, mmmmm weirdo mmmmm....when I say I have to go and do that four letter word it's "work" my friend.

  11. but you said it was a "swear word" i figured you meant "fuck" so you were saying to your internet buddies that you had to go fuck...i thought that was extremely lame and then wrote the thing about taking a poop...but bare with me I am very high right now :)

    and sorry if you really only meant "work" and not "fuck" or "poop"
  12. HIGH All, *LOL* don't find "work" a swear word?
  13. lol weirdo :D
    yea work is swear word
    tuckers gotten so big... my kids have a couple of those same stuffed toys.(spongebob being the most noticable) i just did the same thing myself...huge boxes of toys.must be nice to be our kids
  14. My appologies...I am a retard :smoking:

  15. HIGH All, Delete

    Edit: sry I had no right in saying what I said..

  16. Since ya new we will cut you some slack my friend .:D

    Unoits 4 letter word goes back years here.Read some old posts if ya really want to know whats going on in our family ,lol.

    OH,and welcome :smoking:
  17. haha thanks...I was sooo confused I was like sitting here wondering what the hell he meant...and then I just lid another one up and *puff* I was even more confused :smoking: but all is good now and I am back on track (and sober) as I have to get up at 7am and work 15 hours just got a little shitier
  18. your dog reminds me of mine, but she's a chocolate lab, but their faces are similar.

    o, and you're pretty damn lucky to wake up to that every morning. i envy you man.
  19. HIGH All, friends you doooo wake up to this every have to be awake *LOL*...or going to bed...just bear with me....

    Edit: been suckin on the pussy....oh...wait till you see this

    PS. Rocdog is still looking at this post.....shake head *LOL* she does love me......!!!!!!!......put's shoulder up so she can't see...ooohhh did I mention she's making what we All love...well us anyway..
  20. ahhh :D.... the 3rd one is my favorite..... so cuute....

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