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He Knows...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BuddhistBrian, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Why does my brother always know when I'm stoned? My parents never notice but he always calls me out. He claims my eyes are red when they aren't even red! Everytime he says I'm high, I am high! How does he know this? How can I prevent him from finding out?
  2. lol cause he probably smokes too, all stoners know when someones high
  3. There's no way he smokes, he would've hit me up by now.
  4. Ready for this?

    You most likely smoke daily.
    You see your little brother daily.
    Your little brother knows you smoke daily and just likes messing with you.

    If you just respond with "No" he will no longer be able to tell when you are high and when you are sober.
  5. how old is said brother? if he is old enough for it not to be a problem just offer to smoke him up :bongin:
  6. my friends were always able to tell when I was high. Of course, I was high all the time so more often than not.
  7. He's really anti-drug and he's mentally unstable so my rents don't believe him anyway. He's 17.
  8. Because people act different when they are stoned. Even if you don't notice the difference your subconscious does and you'll start noticing the signs after you get a "feeling" like something is off.
  9. just mind fuck him by occasionally acting/saying your high when your not and saying your not when you are he soon wont be able to tell the difference.
  10. Just fuck with him, act high when you're sobber shit wud be fun!

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