He is a dying man.

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  1. He is undeniably a man who must
    Sit upon this world, frowning among his
    Jesters. He cannot accept nor understand
    His belongings like he is meant to. He is unable
    Among many things. He is crude and untamable.
    A wild beast nearly extinct. He cannot reach
    The ground from where he stands, and it is an
    Empty place. There is a whistling in the air so
    High pitched, it is as if he had broken the law
    Each day. He is a criminal. Like a man who
    Betrays his family he cannot feel sorrow. He
    Is a fly on the wall in a room belonging to a dying
    Man. He is a dying man batting flies from his wound.
  2. This is awesome man!
  3. SWIM feels guilty

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