He drank the water from the bong....

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  1. Back in college, I was at a house party. There was this drunk guy who had never smoked before and he wanted to take a rip off the bong but had no idea how to work it.
    I gave him a little demonstration, "You put your mouth over this thing, you light the bowl over here, then start sucking, and then you pull the bowl out to carb". 
    We're both outside standing and he takes the bong from me. First, he put his entire mouth over the mouth opening instead of in it. It was too funny to correct him, so I let it be. Then he started lighting the bowl and I could see the smoke rising through the bong. Ok, he got that part down. Great! Then what does he do?
    As he's sucking, he starts to lift the bong from the base while his mouth still covered the opening. He kept on raising it. 10 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, until it's at a 90 degree angle and by this time he's got a mouth full of nasty old bong water. I fall to the floor cracking up, and he looks up at me trying his best to keep the water IN his mouth and gurgles "what? am I doing it wrong?".
    He thought he had to smoke AND drink the bong water...n00bs.

  2. i'm laughing so hard hahaha great post man
  3. Sounds like something I'd probably do hahaha
  4. I've definitely seen this before.  The person didn't think they were supposed to drink the bong water but did it accidentally by just being dumb.  I'm pretty sure I may have got some bong water splashed in my mouth before too when I had a mini bong   Definitely never to the point of drinking it though.
    I remember one dumb friend trying to convince people to drink the bong water but it didn't work.  We used to do a lot of dumb shit.
  5. lol, I just saw a guy snap the bowl of ash through his piece to "carb" it like a bong. apparently, this is how he always snaps the bowl on his pipe and just spits it out like it's nothing.
    just reminded me of this thread.
    when i get ash in my mouth, i'm like
  6. o_O

    The first time.I accidentally drank bong water I almost threw up

    I would have drank toilet water just to throw it up.
  8. I've been looking for a story like this, BAHAAHA>
  9. fortunately it was.my.own bong and I am the sole user and.clean it after each use


  10. Wtf I pulled on a bowl and had a hot ember go in my fucking mouth and down my throat. Worst shit ever. And that dude does it on purpose?
    yea. i imagine that's the stoner equivalent of big macho man eating his cigar or cigarette, but less nasty.
  12. Lol, kinda makes the whole, rub your belly tap your head thing seem obsolete!

    You must inhale and drink....at the same time :smoke:
  13. I was at a concert smoking a joint with my brother and some strangers. A dude that was smoking says he'll eat the joint. We give him the roach and he eats it and everyone just looks at him like "Huh." Lol he thought it was the coolest shit ever.
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    what's that thing called, where you take a bong rip, hold it in while drinking a can of beer, then finishing it off with a shot, then exhale?
    EDIT: Found it!
    you should have seen how far you could have taken it. give him a cigarette butt, then move on to sidewalk gum and so forth.
  16. Gahhh gross.

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  17. Paid my buddy like twenty thirty bucks to drink my bong water. Filled up half a powerade bottle (like sixteen ozs worth). Was so black.. He drinked it but puked shortly after..

    Then next day he used the money for a soccer tourney, and, I guess puked again. Felt bad but lmao. Wish I still had the video

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  18. oh, the things (broke) people will do for money...
    i'm guilty of whoring myself out too tho. that's a story for a different thread.
  19. my mother keeps her small bong on her night stand next to her bottle of water and did it one night. said it didn't do anything bad, just didn't taste too well.

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