**HD VID** SpaceCase and Sharpstone grinders side by side!!

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  1. Hey guys I know lots of people have questions about these two grinders so I made I quick video. Sorry I'm congested in the video but it's for the better good lol. It's my first "review" so I may have missed a few things so help me out. Any questions feel free to ask I'm here to help! I will be reviewing lots of products like the EQ, SSV, different bongs and scales etc so stay tuned! Thanks guys and keep smokin.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDpNjV4GTGE]YouTube - SpaceCase and Sharpstone Side By Side[/ame]
  2. i found this review pretty helpful :smoke:

    i lol'd when you mixed up the pieces.

    i'm curious to see each in action, though. just to compare how well they do the job. for example, how many itsy bitsy bits get stuck in the holes and how well does it grind the bud, etc. :eek:

  3. I feel like thats also very dependent on the bud that's being ground up.

  4. oh? i only recently started grinding up bud regularly for bong snaps, i thought that my nugs were getting stuck because i had a cheap grinder. so buying a better one won't solve that problem for me? fiddlesticks.

  5. Honestly I have noticed a quality in the grind from a cc to a ss but from a ss to a sc it really isn't a huge difference. It's just overall quality and what your budget is! And I'll be putting a demo up tomorrow if that helps.
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    no man thatd be sweet but the stickier the weed the more likely itll get stuck and IMHO ive owned a sharpstone, spacecase and mendo mulcher and i like the mendo mulcher the best

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