HD up close pics of some females!...updated

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    First outdoor grow guys, happy with my females. Tried to take some cool pics! If someone who knows how to post the pics so theyre huge right on the thread could tell me thatd be sweet.

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  2. opinions, advice, comments?
  3. Beautiful plants man they look real healthy! :yay:

    As for your resizing problem, theres a sticky post on the apprentice forum I believe.
  4. thanks bro much appreciated :D
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    Can I ask if you started them late? The reason I ask is in the 3rd pic. Notice how the nodes are at the same spot on the stem. Then notice the very top of the plant where the nodes start to alternate. (alternating nodes) I am thinking that this plant is still young. When from seed the plant will always grow the nodes togather until the plant matures. Once it is mature it will grow alternating nodes. Your plant only had time to alternate nodes one time. Looks like it in s spot that gets some shade.

    Hey man not knocking your plants at all. I love how the leafs are sticking up. Great green color and no bug damage. They look healthy and will give you some nice nugs. I just like looking at plants and trying to guess how they grew and came to be. Was I close at all or just to many bong hits on my friday night?

    You guys see those big old balls hanging in the 3rd pic???????

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    Sounds like it's right on the money my friend. I planted in the beginning of may and transplanted her straight into the dirt with nothing else besides nutes. The morning sun is blocked by some trees and bigger plants until mid-day. Not a great spot. With the plant only alternating nodes one time so far make for a much less yield? Thanks for the comments and the new fact im always glad to take the advice.

    Haha oh and those big old balls are hanging from a pear tree
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    Update on the outdoor grow GC. Started with 8. Left with 5 females, lots of white hairs coming out. The odds were good... Check it out!

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  8. Post up some replies GC. Need some feedback... :smoke: One Love

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  9. look like your gonna have a great crop
  10. +Rep ! Nice plants bro what strain is that ?
  11. Thanks guys. Appreciate the rep as well.

    The strains I'm not sure about I got the seeds from a buddy.
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    Nice well keep up the good work...my strain is unknown as well. But ofcourse was a feminized
  13. Yeah man thanks, will do. I've already been thinking of next season. I think i'll try to get some feminized seeds where'd you get yours at?
  14. +Rep! Beautiful!
  15. nnice plants man! can i ask where your growing? what state
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    Dude if you can..get clones soo much better then seeds IMO
  17. Is May late??? i thought end of April beginning of May is when you are supposed to start the seeds. No? or is it beginning of April when you are supposed to plant? either way they look good excited to see the the finished product :hello:
  18. Much love Smoke thanks!

    Thanks brotha. I'm in the north-east. And lets just say Hurricane Irene should be here in the next day or two.

    I hear April is the right time to plant and that's what I was going for, but this April was real wet towards the end so i didnt get them out until the first week of May. They're doing alright now so i'm sure it wasn't too late. I can't wait to see the finished product too. Little longer...:D

    I'd be glad to man but I'm not sure where to find any. I wish i knew another trust worthy grower around my area.
  19. While I'm at it I want to show you guys my plan for Irene. 70 mph winds and pouring rain? We'll make it. I staked and tied them up but not sure if I should of tied up the smaller colas too? Still have one more day. I don't want my first crop getting wrecked. Any suggestions?

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    I'm in north east too..got my fingers crossed..only about 25 miles from shore :(

    And I'd love to give you some clones next year..I shoul have tons. But then again you could be a cop..or just too far away.

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