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HD Pics/Vid of Bomb Oil/Bud/Glass

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ConcentrateCharlie, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Sup guys, i post alot of threads on here posting pics of my stash, so i figured id make a thread to contain it all.
    First up is Some Durban Poison. Beautiful flowers in a qp i picked up a few weeks ago, decided to do a 14g N-butane run on it and got back a nice slab of oil!
    Thanks for checking out my thread and be sure to Subscribe cuz imma be posting alot more pics!

  2. Blue Dream Nugs, smells like cat piss and berries, amazing high and 23% yield on a n-tane extraction
  3. Grand Daddy Purple Nuggets, Smells like Skunk and Grapes
  4. Haven't had or seen purple nugs like in the first picture in a looong time. Everything looks very good man ^_^

    Smoke On! c(o.oc)
    Thanks man, all 3 of those pics are of the same bud, its just the first picture has that purple back round so it really brings out the purple in the buds. THanks for stoppin in, subscribe to the thread cuz theres alot more fire pics where that came from
  6. Will do

    Smoke On! c(o.oc)
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    been waiting for another proper stash thread to come around  ;) sub'd
    edit: i take it by n-tane you mean capitol, right? or are you getting the stuff from airgas
    Yes Capital butane, Closest i can get to pure n-butane for now.
  9. Whats a typical yield from 7 grams? My buddy has a vac purge and said he'd do it for me if I gave him the nug.
  10. an average yield is any where from 15-20% of what you put into it. If your getting more then 20% back then you have some GOOD nug. 7 grams of nugget will get you inbetween 1.0g and 1.7g of oil.
  11. Nice thread :)

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  12. that is some of the most purple shit ive ever seen wow
    Indeed , def the most purple bud i have ever had my hands on
    Thanks for stoppin by buddy! i guess some one needs a bomb pick up thread now that some one else isnt updating theirs ;)
    Got my hands on a qwaper today,  some of it blue dream, and some of it is Unknown dank. Guy didnt have a strain name for me but these nugs are nice and chunky, super dense and pretty sticky. Im going to make some oil with them either today or tomorrow.
  14. Durban Poison and OG Kush N-Butane Extract
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    Looks great per usual, is it from the first buds you posted in this thread? They were dusty as fuck o_O

    Smoke On! c(o.oc)
  16. how do you make this stuff
  17. Yes it was 10.5g of the Durban Poison i posted on the first post and 3.5g of OG Kush that was not pictured. Stuff was really tasty.
    Using Canned N-Butane, a stainless steel extraction tube, 13-15g of premium hi grade bud, coffee filter, hose clamp.
    Pack the tube with bud nice and evenly, little bits at a time, packing it in pretty tight with a long wooden dowel or something similar. 
    Put a coffee filter around the open end and slide a stainless steel hose clamp over it and tighten.
    Then get a glass dish with another glassbowl too fill up with hot water and put the glass dish over it for a water bath.
    Bring everything outside, so u now have a tube packed full of weed with a filter on it, a glass bowl with hot water, with another glass dish sitting on top of it, and a can of butane.
    Put the nozzle of the butane into the small hole at the opposite end of the tube, press down on the can and spray butane thru the tube. thru the buds and it all leaks out past the coffee filter, into your glass dish/
    After all visible liquid butane is evaporated off, you can bring the dish inside and let it sit on a low heat source 90-110*F for at least 24 hours if you dont have a vac chamber.
    Scrape up the dish with a razor blade and there you have it.
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    Thank you for your kinds words good sir!
    The pics are HD but im DH (Definitely High)
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    I see you went back and edited your post 13 days later with a shitty spam link to a different website, get that shit outta here!
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    lol that kush (err whatever you picked up last) looks yummy

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  20. ^^^  Static....great to see you back buddy.  
    Nice pictures in this thread.  Since StaticShock and Chef split, I got tired of looking a blurry poor quality images and lousy buds (mostly)
    Anyone know what happened to Chef?  Hope all is good.

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