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Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by tflga, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know where I can find some good high quality photos that I can fit on my 1900x1200 display? I've been looking all over but I all can find are websites that offer those cheesy hemp leaf backgrounds with stars and twirly colors.

    thanks ~
  2. Step One: Grow said Dank

    Step Two: Take quality picture

    Step Three: Make Desktop Background


    :laughing: Sorry I couldnt be of more help.
  3. Haha it provided me with a good laugh though - thanks for the valuable input ;)
  4. You can stretch to size one of the pictures in the stash jar section of the forums.

    GL :wave:
  5. I was going to say that, or browse thru the grow journals. There are some high quality pictures on this site.

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