HD Amazing Stealth Sativa SOG Flowering

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  1. So i notice that everyone has there grow documented
    somewhere at least so i decided to catch up and post
    a couple pictures of what i have going on. Sorry if this
    thread is a little sketchy. Im new. Thanks :)
    Set Up.
    Plant: Sativa La Women
    Lights: Five 32 Watt CFL 2700k and 7500k
    Ventilation: 2 Intake Fans
    1 outake
    2 Carbon filters. 1 DIY and 1 air wick
    Co2 Once a day

    Hope everyone enjoys, i plan on updating this.

    ....Youtube Channel..... "below"

    JUSTGROW420 - YouTube

    Cabinet Closed. "Turn Head"


    La Women 2.5 Weeks Budding:

    Close Ups:

    Close Up:
  2. nice i like how u made the cfls custom :bongin:
  3. sick! love the picture with the magnifying glass
  4. Here is a week after last post.
    3 weeks flowering.
    Strain: Sativa La Women.



  5. REALLY like this pic. :D

    How small is that grow?? Seems to be on the micro scale for sure....... looks excellent though!
  6. Yeah its border line micro, for sure not a pc box but its not a grow tent.
    The dimensions are
    width: 19"
    Depth: 23"
    Height: 34"
    Not sure on cubic feet
    Thanks for the view!
  7. Update Woo

  8. Looks like they love it.
  9. hell yeah, love that i was your second post!
  10. Better camera.
  11. Just another picture update, i will take some close ups when the buds noticeably get bigger.

  12. 5 Weeks Flowering

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