hbwr seeds

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  1. how bad is the nausea, i have 25 of these things and im debating whether or not to do them cause of the nausea? someone with experience give me some advice to deter from that aspect of the trip.
  2. take sumthing for the nausea before hand. like dramamine, benedryl, or watever u got just google things that help with nausea.

    and weed helps with nausea too

    never done hbwr seeds but i heard it can be a fun trip
  3. cant smoke weed at the moment, but thanks for the advice, if i do decide to do it i will take benedryl with it and anyone else got some input that has first hand experience
  4. Man up. You MOST likely will puke intensely once or twice, then after that enjoy your ride.
  5. I honestly didn't like HBWR seeds, the few times I've taken them. That's not to say you won't like it, but for me it felt very awkward because it was like acid but something was missing... It was just a weird feeling altogether. I also got pretty bad nausea one time, but the four friends that I've tripped with haven't gotten sick at all - just a luck of the draw I guess. Anyways, good luck with your trip, I hope everything goes well. Peace :smoking:
  6. they cause a bit of nausea, but nowhere near as bad as morning glory seeds.
  7. got mine off ebay, they are deff argyreai nervosa, but i dont see any fur on these seeds, you think the best way to take em than is just crush em and drink them down?

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