HBWR? Question Please Help!?!?

Discussion in 'General' started by StickyMicky, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Okay, so I got a great deal on some HBWR (From Hawaii) Like 200 for 30 bucks (with the fuzz on them) so i'm pretty sure there legit... Okay so my questions are...

    - Whats the best way of taking them?
    (I was thinking getting rid of the fuzz of course grinding them up and putting them in some yogurt or putting the powder inside some capusal)

    - Should I take some before school to see how i trip?, or will i have a really shitty trip like all scare and stuff? but its first day at new school so keep that in mind

    - How long will i trip?

    - If you used HBWR before, how did it feel what did you expences?

    Thanks - StickyMicky
  2. You're trying to trip for the first day of school? what the hell is wrong with you
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    Yeah man, unless your a fucking champ at keeping your shit together don't do it. Try tripping on it at home first to see what it's like before you do it at school.
  4. I'd take a small amount, those are kinda fun. I think if you went to school with a positive attitude and you could hide your huge eyes well then yeah go for it. But careful because a lot of people might notice, that;s why I wouldn't take very many before school.. maybe 1-2 if they're really good.

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