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    anybody else watching this new HBO show? its a cop/serial killer drama starring mathew mcconaughey and woody harrelson its only 2 episodes in but so far its been great
    if you got access to HBO its worth checking out

  2. Really enjoyed the first two episodes. Mcconaughey's character makes the show for me, guys been doing real good work the last few years. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.
  3. yea im to the point where ill watch damn near anything with mcconaughey because he's picking such good roles lately didnt really know if i would like mud or dallas buyers club but fuck those are 2 of the best movies ive seen in the last couple yrs
  4. Me and Rust have the exact same view on life.
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    lol that dude walking in the woods at the very wearing nothing but a jock strap and gas mask with a machete was creepy as hell
    next episode looks pretty damn good

  6. This. Im guessing you have seen Mud from 2013? It was after this movie I found out about this TV series and was immediately pumped..
    I needed a great show to fill the void for Breaking Bad :p 
  7. Alot of people have said the show has "Sucked" so far and im sitting there watching this show like are we watching the same thing? This has great writing, is not boring at all, has 2 great actors AND they have said that this series will carry on next season with 2 different GOOD actors as the leads, not just 8 seasons of watching the same guys.
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    well the first episode didnt really get you hooked or anything but yea its def got some great acting and and its starting to really get to that point just gotta give it a chance shits about to get real good imo next weeks episode looks fuckin awesome
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    im pretty fuckin excited for tonights episode
    preview makes it look like shit bout to go down!
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    I am recording it, but it is taking me a while to get through the episodes. I don't find it terribly compelling. Two great leads that I feel are somewhat floundering as much of the the story "just" sits there. If it doesn't pick up considerably, it will be deleted. So very much of the premium channel series now lean far too heavy on sex and violence. That gets very tedious after a while, plus it is extremely lazy writing.
  11. No new episode tonight cause of superbowl, Im bummed to. 

    This shows fkn awesome, anyone who likes tv shows or can get into a good one should check it out.
  12. I've been g eeking about this show ever since I saw the trailer for it awhile back. Its unlike anything I've seen. The cinematography is just so week done and the sets and scenes feel so real. Im saying it, already better than breaking bad.

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  13. 4th episode is going to blow you away. Just wait, its only an 8 episode series so things have to pick up

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  14. they haven't aired it yet???
  15. yes, I was just speculating because so far its been informational. They gotta kick it up a notch or the show won't be exciting. Tonight, its gonna go down on TD

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  16. Im still pissed off they didn't air it last week because of the fucking SuperBowl or atleast I dont know why they did
  17. i cannot wait to see this episode!
  18. It's like fight club meets breaking bad lol

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  19. I love it. DVR it and watch each episode twice to get all the symbolism and entendre. Good show.

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  20. I've easily watched each episode 3 times haha its so easy to miss little comments or bits of info

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