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  1. Hey guys i was just wondering if anyone has any information on this company. I've been searching the site really not that much about them there is a smokeshop by my pad that has 2 15 arm percs that they are selling for 400 the quality seems pretty damn good but do they have any problems?
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    HBG is a pretty well known brand (i know them, but i do love glass..), quality glass, and if your cool with it, sounds like a nice deal. They make a nice inline bong.

    They are good quality, not a Chinese rip off brand.

    check this thread out:

    But btw, all those percs are going to add drag, might not be much but the clear isn't going to be anything like a straight shooter. And i loveee straight shooters. But its going to be mighty smooth. Its just preference.

    see if they will let you fill it up and take a dry run before you buy it and see if you can haggle it down. LHS are nice for both those reasons.
  3. Hbg is the best! I have a inline to double 8 arm and its very high quality
  4. i've seen some of those gigantic showerhead bubblers they have....nice bubbles :D
  5. My lhs has their newest tubes and they are sick as fuck. Theres a straight tube that goes from 15 arm to 10arm, to 15 arm.. And their new inlines have huge joints, like 29mm i think, with fat showerhead dowstems. Ill try and take some pics when im down there tomorow.
  6. definitely get some pics of the inlines with 29.2 showerheads! i've been in love with 29.2 pieces since i picked one up.
  7. How does their glass match up with say Zob, Toro, Illadelph they also have a very nice piece from a new company called liquid its 2 8 arm percs but 1 is like towards the bottom of the piece and the other 8 arm is in the middle of the tube little bit more expensive than the hbg.

  8. Id say they are up to par with Zob, illadelph... mabe not toro but close. Id not go with the liquid one, sounds almost china but your choice. My HBG is the best hitting piece i own, and i have over 20 or so
  9. Idk, the hbg tubes I've seen are kinda jank. A shop I sell to refuses to carry their stuff, lots of issues w/ trees arriving broken and sketchy seals.

    But idk, the last timei took a good look at one was over a year ago...they could be better by now
  10. ^Honestly I've heard a decent amount of this too, and I've seen some great looking and hitting pieces. I'm guessing they are on par with zob, nice tubes and some of them have crazy diffusion, but the durability is a mystery, hopefully not china trees

  11. There was a huge thing a year or two about how they used to out source their trees but now they are all made in the US. They are pretty nice, just look at what your buying and see if you like it
  12. Own 2 HBG's. One 7mm perc'd steamroller, and a 3-tree tube. The bottom tree on the tube just cracked, but it took a hard hit from a big friend. Both have always hit like beasts. (HBG tube is only 5mm)
  13. my LHS has many different bongs by them i have hit it with water in it but not smoking out of it seems like a great brand to go with there inlines are great quality
  14. just got a hbg from my lhs. wow is all i have to say. it was only 420 dollars since i had a friend who was just turning 22 with me. my lucky day since it was a 550 dollar bong after tax with the regular sticker price. anyways its a inline that has another inline inside of it. its got a showerhead downstem with 12 slits. then the double inline then a worked 15 arm tree perc. it also has a showerhead style splash gaurd and ice notches. the joint is sooo thick probably like 28 mm. glass is like 5 mm thick i think. super good bong. sorry no picks but its similar to this one Home Blown Glass HBG inline showerhead 15 arm tree perc

    click and scroll down for pics and description

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