Hazy Memories (Smoking Stories)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ryogavash, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. I want to hear everyones favorite smoking memories. Like when you smoked more at one time then ever before. Or had a camping trip with some friends and hotboxed the tent. Cool things like that. Here's mine:

    I threw a party a few weeks ago. We hotboxed my TV room. That night 12 blunts and countless bowls and joints were chain smoked. That was between like 20 people. We smoked a whole ounce. It was the highest I've ever been and it was badass.

    I want to try a fishing trip though. Anyways, tell me your stories I'm hella bored.
  2. Here's kind of a humanitarian story. So, I started working at this well-known (but not Starbucks) coffee store a few months ago. I met this dude who I am gonna call Jon. I found out that he was a stoner when one day he told me that he smoked an 8th before he came to work. So, I was like that's cool. He told me that he has a few good hook ups, who could get me some really good stuff for like 80 a quarter. Anyway, a few weeks passed, then this other girl from work who I will call Jenny had a party at her house. I show up, and in like 30 seconds Jon has told me that he wants to smoke me out. So, I was like OK. My girlfriend (who doesn't smoke), went to talk to some of her friends. Jon and I went into Jenny's room, and started smoking out of her bong. Then, he takes out this big ass nug, and starts gring it. So, he's like "Do you know what I'm doing right now?" And I say "Yeah, you're grinding hella weed." He's like "Yeah. I'm gonna roll a blunt." I was like that's cool. Then he said "Yeah, remember that time at work when I said I would smoke a blunt with you?" I didn't really remember, so I just said no. He just kinda laughed, and kept doing his business. I had never smoked a blunt before, I don't think I had ever seen one either. Anyway, Jenny's boyfriend comes in, and contributes a little weed to the blunt. Jon gets out a fairly big cigar, and starts opening it up. At this point, my GF comes in the room to sit with me. A few more people come in because I guess they heard that someone was rolling a blunt. A few more people from work came in, and a few of Jenny's friends came also. So yeah, at this point, we're all in a big circle with like 15 people. Anyway, the blunt just starts passing. I got to hit it about 3 times. But yeah, the room was really smoky, and everyone was just chillin. My girlfriend got pretty stoned even though she never hit the blunt. Haha. Anyway, later on, I was just being stupid and giggly, and my boss shows up. She totally knew I was stoned, and I don't know if she thought that I smoked at that point. Anyway, it was akward, but not really bad. She admitted that she has smoked in the past. Plus, she had this friend with her who also got stoned at the party. It was a really nice experience. That guy Jon I work with is pretty generous with his weed. I had fun at the party, and yeah. That's my stoner story of the day.
  3. O yes i like you stories so i decided i would share mine, Well lets see it was a friday night and i was skateing with my friend mike well me and mike skated for about 30 mins then my friend eric showed up he is cool we went to school together and he said how about we find a party to crash. Well eric called his older sister and she said he lil bro we gotta party but no ride so i said lets grab my car and ill drive everyone did everyone gave me like 50 cents each in gass money and there were like 8 people so we stopped got gass and i picked up papers just in case, o well we got to this party with this house located in the middle of no where well we parked and went inside and there were about 5 people already there i brought 1/8 so didi everyone in the car one person had 1/4 so we were ready to smoke well to find out a friend in the house just trimmed his plant and he brought over like a once and a nother kid had a half there so we all made are way to his basemnt and we went into this crawlspace i wold say about 9" by 9' very small but we managed to fit like 12 or 13 people in there and we hot boxed all the weed cept all of mine wich is like just about 2 onces and hot boxed in that craw space So by the time i was out i was at like a 9 1/2 almost 10 on a scale to one threw 10 on being high i rember i played this kids super nintendo o yes mario games and watched family guy it was soo awsome we left 3 hours later i was still high and went home with my friend mike and chilled for like 1 1/2 more hours till we wernt high then smoked the rest of my stuff was bout 5 bowls between me and him and went to sleep 3 hours later but it was a really really really good time my favriot smokeing time.
  4. The first time I smoked was fun. Some people were chilling at our friend Josh's house. Me, Stacy, and Lisa rolled up and went in and hung out for a few minutes. Every declared that the movie they were watching sucked and we couldn't figure out what to do so a couple of the guys decided to go outside and smoke some cigars. Everyone wandered outside and I played Josh's guitar for a little while. Then Stacy says, "I wish we had some pot." Lisa just cracked a grin and told her that she just happened to have some in the car. So they go get pot and loaded up a bowl. There were 5 or 6 of us smoking and I swear we smoked at least 10 bowls and a blunt. These people smoked every day for a while before this so they had some tolerance built up, but it was my first time and I was soooo blasted.
  5. ok heres a quick one

    this year on4/20 me and 5 of my friends had a big smoke out! we all brought movies,music,food,games,and lots of weed and had a great time.all n all we smoked 15 blunts and lots of pipe and bong loads oddly no joints........vary odd but anyway i had a good time!
  6. ^^ wow kottonmouth, that sounds like it was a lot of fun. wish i was there...

    my favourite moment? that's a hard question... i really don't know... all the times were pretty cool. my favourite one i'd say was the first day of school (tuesday) me Shagra, and two other guys.. everyone paid their share for distrubtion and i already had my own... i used my spoon and one of the other guys had a pipe.. i hate metal pipes... EWWW.... anyways.. after one huge bowl off my spoon, i was already gone.. they let me try his pipe (btw ewwww), then Shagra had a home-made bong.. he owed me a tiny nugg.. lol... so i smoked it and then i later noticed bits of tobacco... me didn't clean the screen.. YUCK.! but i got high so fast... i think i was the highest but that's just me...

    then someone saw us and we had to move... i know i know we're in toronto... but we could risk our future away.. university i mean.. so we went to a park across the street... we were jaywalking to get across.. i thought a car slowed down for me. but i was stupid and i darted calmly at first then bolted... we had some fun in the park, we forgot to watch the fountain like we planned.. we totaly forgot.. made up a new term.. cuz we made an oath like never say "i'm high" or "i'm stoned" and never to joke about there being cops around just to scare us.. it's NOT cool... then we walked around for a while.. almost tripped a few times.. (YAA we're preeeety lightweight) .

    it was probably one of my best memories with friends.
  7. Probably one of my best times was whenever me and another mate sat in my house and smoked countless number of bowls, we couldn't move, we sat there, put on some music and just floated away on the cannabis leaf...i've had so many other brilliant times but that time was one of the highest,if not the highest i've ever been.
  8. Wow you guys tank yooo so mauch. I love da stories man. The tales bring me a lot a lafta man.

    Keep 'em comin' man. I take more bong hits man.
  9. This isn't technically a weed story, but it's heavily related so I'm going to tell it anyway.

    So one night, my friend comes over, and we were really craving a good toke, since we were bored. But, we didn't have ANY weed, at all, and there was no way of getting any. So we decided to try to get fucked up on Damiana. For those who don't know, Damiana is basically fake weed. It looks like some pretty good shit, but smokes like breakfast tea. And tastes a lot worse. My friend had probably a half-ounce of the shit, and a pipe. So we each smoked like 4 or 5 bowls in hopes that there was SOMETHING that could fuck you up in Damiana. Nothing. So we smoked shitty, bad tasting weed.

    Haven't quite hit a stoner's paradise situation yet. I'm kind of a novice lol.
  10. when you wake up in a different state( mentally and physically) you had a good time;)

  11. second to that.

  12. I hear that dude! And Damiama, that shit is so crappy. It is supposed to get you really high once your high but I don't trust it.
  13. Yesterday, my aunt's fiance's daughter and two friends came over to my housenad I asked her if she had weed and if she wanted to smoke with me. She said she didn't have any of her on but her friend did and he wouldn't mind smoking with me. We smoke a few bowls between the four of us and i was pretty high. I took my dog for a walk in a idustrial park near my house. I was walking up a hill and I noticed from a distance, what seemed to be a man and a monkey. I started freakin out and decided to walk faster up the hill to see what it actually was. When I came close enough to see what it actually was, it turned out to be just a kid on a scooter with his dad. From my veiw from the bottom of the hill it actually seemed to be a monkey, because of the way monkeys walk and the way the kid was riding his scooter. I know this isn't a story about the quantity of weed that I smoked, but that day will remain with me for a while.
  14. lmao and a monkey
  15. Hmmm.... lets look way back and find some good ones...

    When i was 16, my mom went on vacation for 3 days, and on the second day, it was STONER PARADISE!!!!

    hahahah. my friends kept coming by all day to blaze, pick up, blah blah blah. at the time i was dealing. I picked up and sold 3 ounces that day. Now if that sounds somewhat impressive, here this. Not a SINGLE gram of it left my house.

    3 ounces, bought sold and smoked in my living room in one day. oh my god i was stoned!!! all my friends kept coming and leaving, but i was there smoking the entire day. it was also 5$ pizza day at little ceasars, so we order 5 and munched out to movies untill i passed out at about 3 am :D

    man that was a great day. Didnt smell at all when my mom came home either. which is another thing. dont be afraid to blaze at home when your parents are out. aslong as you open all the windows and doors, there will be enough draft to keep any of the smell from lingering. and a couple waves of febreeze the night before will only make things better.

    My most memorable 4/20 was this year, and involed 4 friends coming over, we hotboxed this small hanging out tv room i have, about 12 feet by 10 feet, with an ounce and 3/4 in smoked in about 5 hours. it was pretty awesome. i couldnt see my friend sitting on the other side of the room :D we watched 8 Mile that night. and to this day, i still have no recalled ONE scene from the hole movie :D hahhah i was GONE. passed out after that one too.
  16. adam; i bet that was fun, a tiny room full of so much smoke that you coudln't even see your friend, i love getting high!

    and im dry.
  17. I have one story that springs to mind...We decided to make some space cakes using hash. They were made from a pack of those cadburys muffin mixtures. Not sure how much it was that we put in, but it was quite a bit. They tasted so bad! Every mouthful i took was making me feel sick, as they tasted more like hash than cadburys chocolate. I struggled to eat the whole muffin.

    Some time later, i started to feel it working. The effect was really heavy, and everything seemed to be so blury. Eating it had left my throat feel like it had something stuck in it. This was around the time when id only just started smoking ganja. The effect lasted all day, it was the kind of tired, heavy eyes buzz(more like an indica buzz)

    Ive also had some weed on a pizza, but that gave me nothing at all. Eating it is really fun, just as long as you have a couple of days free! I still felt kind of stoned the next day. The only thing i wasn't so keen on, was the stomach ache it gave me, and the really dry, lumpy throat. Definately do it again though.:)
  18. I know exactly what you mean about the taste, it is rotten but bearable.

    My experiences with eating have all been good thankfully.

    Once i remember i ate the hash youghert at about 12, by 1 i was completly stoned, you know whenever you close your eyes and you feel somewhere else, well it was like that...only extremly intense and i couldn't and didn't want to move, i just sat there and listened to music and felt a very very heavy stonedness on my eyes, i ate alot of hash that day...it must have lasted about 5 or 6 hours.

  20. I love these stories and want to bump this thread back up. Keep them comin'!

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