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Hazin'... Hot Box... Foggin' Up... Clam Bakin...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lapse, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. Anyone else love hazin' a car? Thats really gettin' the most outta your smoke :)

    I love gettin' it to where someone could get in the car, not smoke, and get high from the fog.

    I was thinkin though, anything else you can haze up, even better... Like buying a garbace gan or something, and crawling in it, and hazing it up, or a cardboard box... Shit that would be funny... Or hazing up a camping tent... Haha
  2. yea man it kicks ass. you breathe in your exhaled smoke over and over. you get much higher
  3. It's all about hotboxing your car outside Mac Donald's.
  4. take your best toking buddy, sit under an erect bbq cover in the baking sun. thats a rough hot box! does the trick mind you....
  5. you can set up a tent in your yard and hot box that. Or get underneath a blanket when you smoke. Both very affective.

  6. whaaaaaa
  7. erection?

    lol... Smoking in a tent rocks. Me and some friends camped out in a forest once and took a camera and filmed The Stoned Witch Project :D

    Well.... in the morning we realised we hadn't turned the camera on. Doh!
  8. i love baking out cars (what we call it in these parts, lol)... i like it when the smoke is so thick you can barely see the other people in the car.

    ahhh... memmmmoooorrrieeees. :D
  9. oh man. i crashed my truck and for a week i had to drive my mom's ford focus sedan. the inside is tiny but roomy and is so easy to bake out. every night i would bring it home reaking of pot. awww... good times.
  10. Tents are the best to hot box! But the bad part is that it smells like ass the next day and burn holes everywhere...

    But here is there solution that i've been using for the past 4 years. Go to walmart and purchase a tent... any one you please to hotbox. Use it for your camping trip and/or just as a smoking room in your backyard. Walmart garantees satisfaction... so they will refund you all your money if you are not satisfied with what you purchased. So you fold up the tent nicely and put it in the box (hardest part of the mission) after you have used it for a few days... and return it claiming it was too small. Full refund! Its like free rentals!
  11. <-----MUST HOTBOX TENT!!!
  12. Yeah I always fuckin hotbox my truck.... I gotta try the helmet thing tho sounds pretty tight...
  13. FOLLOW THE PLUME!!!!!!

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