haze x kali mist grow with pics

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  1. here is a few pics of my female haze x kali mist at 4 wks flowering

    whats everyone think?

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  2. first time i get pics up and no1 has anything to say...lol
  3. plants look nice and healthy i'd say, but i would've thought there be more signs of bud after 4 weeks of flowering. i havent' grown a sativa dominant before, so this could just be my lack of knowledge. maybe some bigger pics could help us out there. what kind of light you using?
    but like i said, it looks healthy.
  4. i have a total of 360 sum watts of floros and cfl on the one plant......and yeah the haze tends to take a very long time to flower. i will get better and closer pics of the pistils tomorrow and post them.
  5. Why do people use CFL's for the amount of money you had to spend to get 360watts out of CFL's you could of had a chunk of a 400watt HPS set up paid for........
  6. all you ever see with CFL's is stretching plants and tiny buds.
  7. i have a total of 23 bucks in my lighting......cost a lot less 2 borrow lights from the garage then it does to get a 400 watt hps....and i would have more in ventilation cost if i used hps n a closet.....and there is the power used with hps vs cpf......i duno bout u but i dnt wanna get caught cuz my electric bill goes way up......at least 2 other grows in my town where busted cuz of that alone this year.....your plantas wont stretch if u keep tyhe lights close enough.....and as far as tiny buds, the one from my last grow that weighd 19gs dry isnt really small now is it
  8. You get New Pic yet 420stoner?
  9. im working on it right now
  10. heres the new pic....sorry for the blurryness....i had to use my phone my digital cam is fucked up

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  11. i have a kali mist about 42 days into flowering and they just started forming buds.. sativas are nice:D
  12. yes they are!....i love them

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