haze seed in bong water....still viable?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tecnikano, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. topic says it all lol. I just received some from attitude (awesome company, awesome service), but i figured I would try germinating some bag seed first. I spotted a haze seed in my bong water and cleaned it off. Its been sitting there for two days max. i then threw it in a ph balanced rockwool cube that had a touch of nutrients in the water i balanced it with. do you guys think it will germ?

    thanks in advance
  2. i dunno... If u burned the seed while smoking the bud, then prob not. however, if you did like i do sometimes, and hit it too hard so some unburned shit falls through, then two things should happen: 1. You should see a sprout some time soon and 2. You should pack your bowls better lol! Good Luck
  3. disclaimer:
    haze bag seed = longs flower time + extended flowering smellyness
  4. why on earth would you germ a seed in bong water?
  5. naw man, he didnt germ it in bong water, he found it there! its a little bit different lol.
  6. wow, ok. I have read some silly shit but.....
  7. I'm not germinating in bong water lol. I said I found the seed in the bong water and cleaned it off, now im trying to germinate it.

    I have it sitting at 77 deg right now. Does it need to be in the dark or is it ok sitting here next to my heater in a zip lock bag?

    Tkb-man- is it worth it? have you done it? I loooove haze, specifically whatever this type is
  8. hey, u said it, not me, k?
  9. whenever i germ seeds, i keep em in the dark just like if they were under ground, but more important, keep em moist!
  10. right, right
  11. Please start a grow journal if this works out. You have made my day, Thank you.
  12. i absolutely will. it would blow my fucking mind if I somehow got a female and propagated it to get dank haze from a single seed that was chilling in my bong
  13. Sub'd. I'm curious as to whether or not this works out, and what affects it may have on the plant. I figure my bong is the perfect environment for germing seeds (aside from the bouncing around on bubbles and such), dark, wet, warm.
    Could be an interesting idea hehe :smoking:

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