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  1. Has anyone reading this grown haze before? This is my Neville's Haze, which has an estimated flowering time of about 16 weeks. 16 weeks!! That's 4 freakin' months :-| I'm going to transplant and flip to 12/12 in about a week, which will take me through till Jan 2018! Wanted to know if this flowering time is accurate?

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  2. Its pretty accurate. Look for between 100-120 days. Some even take longer, but are not desirable, unless you don't care about 5 months flowering.

    Also many start these on 12/12. They grow like a weed.
  3. That sucks to hear :C I didn't order this strain originally - they stuffed up my order and sent me 2 randoms, the other was a Northern Lights auto which was finished 3 months from seed... Total opposite to this strain. Ah well, when life gives you lemons :/
  4. They also need very strong light, or they will stretch to the sky, and have a low yield. But NH is pretty potent stuff.
  5. I'm day 70 on my haze hybrid still got 20 days left if I'm lucky and she finishes early. Haze plants are amazing tho
  6. She was 3 feet tall when I switched her by the time she was done she was 5 feet with a little over a foot to spare that's with going western on her and tying her down. Should get a qp or more off her tho.
  7. If you Really like a haze ??? I'm talking really psychedelic, panic inducing, and to some nauseating, as it can wreck some people blood sugar. Ive had people get mad at me back in the 90s, and they swore I put PCP in it. They would get really sick, turn green, get really paranoid, like they were tripping, of which these people have never tripped. But it can be a real day, or night wrecker for some.

    And if you breed a male of it with something?? Anything it touches is automatically 2x stronger than it was.

    Mine was also crossed with Nevils 1988 Hash Plant x NL#1 x Sk#1. I got some of the Hazeman/Nevils Original 88 Release G13 x Hash Plant/NL#1. As you can see, Nevil was doing big things in 1988. Both of these were only released for 2 years, and then Nevil split, and the orginal genetics LOST, unless someone like COOT has them saved back. Same for the Hazeman/Nevils G13/HP/NL#1. I thought it was gone forever, but NDNGuy saved it, and brought it back. Just like Coot

    Anyone interested and in the USA??

    Look into the Swami Organic Seeds NL5/Haze

    This is Nevils Original 1988 Release, and hasn't been available since 1990. Clackamas Coot bred it in 91, and put the seeds away until just a few years ago. Swami has it, and Its now an F5 Stabilized. I had this stuff back in the 90s, and kept it until the feds got it, and I went to fed prison. I had 1000 clones.

    But Ive been looking for this stuff for some time now, and just recently found it. 3 months ago. Its sold USA only.

    Its a 60-80+ day flower. Average 75 days. The more Sativa leaning, the longer flowering. It also has a big yield. Like Super Silver Haze, but this stuff is 10 notches up vs Mr Nice SSH. Weve been doing the SSH for 3 years though, but if this stuff pans out, and I have no reason to believe it wont, its some really wicked stuff.

    I also believe, but am not 100% positive, but Nevil, while having some to do with breeding the Nevils Haze, someone else did the actual breeding.

    Nevil DID Breed the NL5/Haze.... Also this is Not the same NL5/Hz as Mr Nice, Greenhouse, or anyone else.
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  8. [QUOTE=" I had this stuff back in the 90s, and kept it until the feds got it, and I went to fed prison. I had 1000 clones."[/QUOTE]
    Whoa guy you're the real deal - im just a kid tired of paying for his bud xD
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    I think you're looking at this the wrong way. Yes, this will flower for 16 weeks and maybe up to 20 but you're going to end up with one badass actual Sativa. This is going to most likely be one of the strongest herbs you've ever had in your life.
    Whatever you do - let it run its course to complete maturity!!! Have you honestly ever had a true Sativa?

    Indicas get you stoned. A true Sativa gets you HIGH. If you have what you say you have then this is an herb to be careful with - this isn't like today's crossbreed to hell and back Vanilla Ice Cream Kush - this is real deal herbage that has the potential to blow your mind -

    Edit: Radagast, you need to read here: The Haze story and more. Warning: very long read - Romania - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    Stop thinking negativity and start getting excited.

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  10. We were growing this original Hash Plant in the late 80's and to this day I still haven't found anything vaguely like it - this was some amazing herb and it makes me want to cry that we just can't get anything like it anymore. This was some crazy weed and the flavor! Just amazing.

    A few years back Coot sent me some of the original seeds that had come out of deep freeze after being stored for almost 30 years (before Swami got ahold of them) of his NL5/Haze cross and I was able to get several to germinate including a beautiful male so I did an open pollination and was able to preserve the genetics so there is that...

    But that Hash Plant was something else... we grew this exclusively for a number of years - it's all anyone wanted and I don't blame them.

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  11. Cheers for the read my guy! If it's as good as you say then i cant wait :-]
  12. look into going to 10/14 instead of 12/12 . in week 12 . this will speed up the finish time up . it will not affect yield or quality . it is commonly done around here in mi . some of those plants will stretch 6 foot tall and you will have to bend the plant . the yield usually is a lot less then others .

  13. I just found the original NL1/PNW/HP genetics if interested.

    I just bought 3 packs.

    Coastal Seeds. NL1/PNW Hashplant. They specialize in Old School, Heirloom genetics. These arent modern genes.

    The difference of this NL1/PNW HP vs Nevils HP is that the F1s were bred to F2, and then the best F2 male was selected, and bred back to the best female out of the F1.

    Nevil said the F1 were extremely potent and the strongest stuff he ever smoked.

    I plan on breeding the Swami NL5/Hz Male with the Coastal NL1/HP.

    I also have the Hazeman/NDNGuy/Nevils 88 G13/HP. Im after all these old genes I can get.


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  14. When we were growing the original Hash Plant back in the 80's this was one of THE most pungent, aromatic types of herb I've ever had. You couldn't hide a sack of this herb - it didn't matter if you bagged it in six Ziploc baggies - that smell would reek through and give it away. Crazy sweet/hashy. I can't believe it ever went by the wayside. Everyone I knew loved it.
    It's cool you found even a hybrid of it. Please let me know how you make out? I will look into the Coastal company too.

    Edit: I'm only finding "Lost Coast Hashplant" and I'm pretty sure this isn't what I'm looking for. Could you PM me a link?

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  15. They have them at


    The NL1 x PNW HP already is a Hybrid. These are F1 Hybrid.This is the real deal old school stuff.

    Coastal Seed Company
    Landrace & Heirloom Preservationists Kagyu, Bamboo, Mr. Bob Hemphill & Hannahboldt. Working to preserve and breed some of the worlds best landrace and heirloom varieties.

    Coastal Seeds Gear is available in packs of 10 Regular Beans



    Puck Yeah…….10pk…….$125.00

    Lineage: Pacific Northwest Hashplant x Northern Lights #1
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