Haze In Tristate

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  1. Hey

    I just wanted to know if anyone else was trying to grow haze outdoors in the tristate area (ny, nj, ct) and how far along are your plants into budding?

    I got my haze seeds from buds of haze that i had over here im sure it was grown indoors...

    I tried to look up historical weather data and i couldnt find websites that wouldnt charge you for this information

    Its Only been reaching 60s at night and during the day its been between 70 and 90, today its about 87 degrees outside.

    Did anyone do this previously and have a successful harvest?

    please let me know any kind of information you have from prior harvests and this years current.

    Thanks and im sorry if ive asked more than once its just my other plants are clearly budding but from the looks of the haze they are just starting to form buds, if that even. :confused:
  2. Hey Cronic,

    I am kicking it in CT. I am not growing a pure haze, but I bet one of the strains I am growing was some where crossed with some haze. All my strains are a bit of a way into flowering, which looks sweet, however I do not expect any of them to be done even really by the end of this month. I am pumped though, they are looking sweet.

    I will get some pictures up sometime in the next week or maybe a little longer. They will be looking the same basically for the next few weeks, just gradually getting fatter and fatter.
  3. im deff tryin out some haze next season..i live in jersey and thats all everyone here likes
  4. Cool, ive tried to grow this one strain indoors and it didnt come out so great but this is when i was fairly new at growing so i didnt even think about flowering time, it was taking FOREVER to flower and i juts figured my setup was wrong and or the conditions it was growing in was wrong, but i mean there are pistils showing so any day now. MY Jack Herrer Is growing like some "Pifferryy" aka Dank stuff its not even really buds yet, but i can see the crystals. Im using molasses also so lets see what happens with this years crop, last year one plant , about 4ft tall, i got a half a pound not bad right? and yes this is dried, i topped the plant and it had 3 main kolas it was beautiful lol

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