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  1. Now I live in the uk. And the sun is looking good this year. So I was asking if I planted 10 haze automatics (feminised) in to pots with coco soil and fed them with nutes. (the nutes I will be using this year is earth juice sugar peak) now can any one tell me how much I cud get off the and how good will the bud be......
  2. Gess no one can tell me then???

  3. there's no way to tell... you might suck at growing and get nothing, to many factors play a roll in determining yield, Especially before you've even planted a damn seed.
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    Who sed I have not planted then?? And I was only asking if it wud be beta to do it out doors this year or just leave them in doors. Simple. No need for your cocky nus prick!!!!!

    Name-calling is not allowed here. -JD

  5. you didnt ask anything like that. you asked how much bud you could get off them, and how good it'd be, also "IF I PLANTED 10 HAZE SEEDS" is in future tense, meaning you havent planted them yet.
  6. No they have not been planted yet, just cracked to day. So they will be out in a week. But I cud do them under my 600w. But it dus not matter. I'll ask some one whos not a dick!!!!!
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    i would love for you to extrapolate for me on how i was being a dick, please.:wave:
    but pertaining to your question, you could Grow all your plants under your 600watt, generally 100watts is needed for 1 plant, and 50additional watts for every plant after that. either way, if they're Fim'd Auto's you will end up with bud (more than likely, unless you're cursed by the hand of god to never cast seeds into the earth)
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    See. that's all I wanted to no rely. And I would never put the straight in to the ground. Thanks...
  9. Im growing 4 Haze auto's,1 Fruit automatic and 2 fem bubblegum kush.
    The haze autos get big really fast it seems.
  10. 10 autos, lets say 3-6 oz per plant. MABEY! who knows! you could end up with 1-6 lbs? just a stupid un educated guess.
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    Mate! 3-6 oz a plant!!!! Cos wen I have grown auto's be for. And got 2 oz a plant, 3-6 sounds a bit to high for a yield on a auto??........
  12. I said mabey who knows?!?! my buddy grew autos and got 5 ounces each....so to each thier own mate...
  13. ur looking half oz to full oz in 3 gallon pots with proper care/ph correction and if ur weather isn't to rainy this season.

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