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Hawloween and Shrooms

Discussion in 'General' started by Dopey Smurf, Oct 25, 2001.


Do you shrooms on Hawloween?

  1. Of course

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  2. Maybe

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  3. No

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  4. I hate mushrooms!

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  1. Hawloween means zoomin it up, the best day of the year to do mushrooms! Anybody else have the yearly Hawloween shroom ritual? Hophily I'll be able to find some blue caps.
  2. Well, I'm doing shrooms on halloween too. but I think i'm the only person in my fucking town! no one else could get, and all I could get was 1/6 oz of Blue Caps... but theres only liek 1 cap in there and a ton a stem..... umm, anyone know how potent stems are compared to caps??
  3. well i guess you will find out! :)
  4. Caps are more potent then stems...
  5. Well 5g went down my gullet on halloween. As for the stems vs caps argument...mycellium is mycellium and the chemical content per g is exactly the same. A mushroom is merely compressed mycellium.
    I personally prefer the taste of stems to caps
  6. Well, if you haven't seen any of my other posts, that 1/6 was a lot stronger then I expected, A LOT stronger... but I did fast for 2 days before, heh.. big mistake.
  7. Dude! Halloween is totally the best day to trip on shrooms. I'm definetly tripping on something this halloween. Either shrooms or acid. Seein all the little kids walking around in their costums with their faces meltin n shit. haha it's great.

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