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  1. hey did anyone else see that special that took over all the discovery network channels last night about how theres no way god can exist. heres a link about the story Stephen Hawking bashes religion, but what does new paper say about God? - HealthPop - CBS News

    basically it says that since in a black hole gravity is so intense that it stops time so before the big bang when everything was condenced and the most massive thing ever that time could not have exited so that god had no time to exits or creat the universe, therefore he does not exist.

    im an atheist and all but i think somethings a little fishy with his theory. first it assumes the big bang theory as fact, and secondly it assumes that IF there were a creator, that being, would not be operating outside of the closed bubble that is our universe or other mythic proportions shit like that.

    what do you guys think?
  2. hawkings claim is more along the lines that god is not necessary.

    He says the universe could exist because of gravity, and there is no need for a creator.
  3. Hawking can't even wipe his own ass.

  4. My thoughts exactly. He was limiting the very definition of god and it seemed almost deliberately.

    Then they didn't even touch the subject of origins of information which is one of todays biggest pieces of evidence for an intelligence creating everything, or atleast starting it all off... Hawkings is a very intelligent person, but even I thought he would've covered that.

    It was a big let down cause I'd been seeing adverts for it the past week or two, I'm not really even interested in what the next episodes going to be about
  5. Well look what God has done to him, Id be pretty pissed too.
  6. By doing what? Confining God to the rules of logic? Either God is limited by logic or he is not. If he is not, then we have a wild card. God can do anything whether it be illogical or not. He could exist out of time, yet still be capable of action, which is illogical as time is a series of events, which an action is a part of.

    That's not the worst of the consequences of an illogical God either.
  7. God doesn't follow the rules, he makes them for us lol. I wonder if Hawkings ever thought about that one. Maybe the dude created everything to be perfectly executed through his plan of nature and let the dominos fall so that it seems he is not necessary so that we can actually figure it out on own (with help from Jesus, on a Christian view). But 1+1 has to equal 2 otherwise hawkings might explode. How severely closed minded that kind of mathematical view can be, too bad for the math militia.

    Personally, I love setting up some scheme (like hiding a treat in the house) and seeing if my dog finds it. I wouldn't put it past God :)
  8. big bang theory is pretty heavily backed up. they can tell you what happened less than a second after it.
    this is my understanding of it, but I could be wrong.
    either god follows logic or he does not. but I'm sure many will say not, making this conversation worthless.
    hawking would never be so naive as to suggest he could demonstrate that no god exists. merely he would point out how the universe could exist without a god.
  9. no logically existance and origions and complexity are not evidence of inteligent design

    take a logic class please. logic means 1+1=2 because it cant equal anyhting else
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    Well I don't believe in God but if you do, then God made Stephen Hawking a thousand times more intelligent than you and I

    I'd rather have tons of brain power than be one of those big "strong" rednecks who can't think straight

    I promise he didn't

    He wouldn't waste his time
  11. I know I've read a good scholarly review of Hawking's claims, and it kinda showed him up, but I for the life of me can't remember how I found it.

    Personally I'm a theist, but all this talk of "proving God exists" or "proving He doesn't" is all bull. I think it's just one of those things you believe or don't believe, and people should really stop trying to push their beliefs on others. Both sides.
  12. Please don't entertain GMS. This is the only thing he even posts about in GC anymore.
  13. You would think he would have better things to do besides argue about god
  14. Thats what theoretical pysicists do. Hes a smart guy but at a certain point he is just saying stuff without anything to back it up besides his intelligence and ego. My friend and I were watching the history channel and listening to him talk about aliens.

    Basicly he was claiming that if aliens found earth they would definatly wipe us out and harvest resources off the planet. He left no room for any argument that aliens might possibly be peacefull, or not care about us at all. It was like watching a child argue about everything. At a certain point all you can say is "Well I guess you know everything then."

  15. But we're following known observational fact to assume there was some form of intelligence involved with the existence of life..

    If anyone can name just one single example of specified information arising through mindless natural processes then I can see you denying the existence of an intelligence, but until then you are merely arguing from the negative and against known scientific observations..

    You must follow what science tells us without any bias to truly advance.
  16. Present your findings somewhere other than a weed forum and become famous.
  17. lol someone here isn't too much of a math wiz. You honestly believe that thinking that 1+1 must equal 2 is close minded? You do realize that this entire universe is most accurately described by mathematics right? Mathematics describes reality.

    If God is part of reality, he should also be describable by mathematics if he exists. If he is not describable by mathematics, then he is not logical. If he is not logical, you run into several problems. One of which I mentioned in my post quoted below. Did you even see it?

    Were you addressing everyone or me specifically?

    What a worthless statement. First of all, theoretical physicists make claims based on their mathematical theories that must be mathematically self consistent and consistent with all existing data. That is what they use to back up their claims. In addition to that, they must make specific predictions using their theories. If-then statements about what sort of data we should expect to see in experiments. Theoretical physicists are the ones who constantly push forward our knowledge of how things work. Einstein was a theoretical physicist.

    And the History channel blows.

    He is speculating based on the only example of intelligent life we have so far. Humans. Look at history. It's disgusting what we've done. Based on humans alone, I think his claims are justified and the sort of caution they contain is wise.
  18. Just anyone in general. His argument has been run into the ground (but I'm sure he'll be along to tell me it hasn't and he's still proved god) but he still baits people who aren't aware into humoring his delusion.

  19. Such as..? Can you explain at all how my arguments have been run to the ground?

    It doesn't say what the god is, who's god it is, the personality of the god, it's just acknowledging that there had to have been some form of intelligence involved with creating DNA. It could even be some form of extra-dimensional beings, hell even call them aliens if it makes you any feel better.

    In fact there is absolutely no other way that's scientifically proven way for DNA to have come about other than intelligence being involved programming it.

    An encoded language using a physical median to convey non-physical specified information can only come about through a mind to process it, if you have any evidence to show against the claim then do so.. if not quit going around disclaiming what I've said with nothing to back it up.

    Do you have a personal gripe against there being some kind of god? If it's just because you simply don't like the thought of it then you obviously aren't being open minded on the subject.
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    Case in point, kids. I nailed it.

    Like I said, present your findings somewhere other than a weed forum and get famous. Were obviously too stupid to understand so why waste your time? Go forth and prove god to some smart people.

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