Hawiian Baby Woodrose

Discussion in 'General' started by SugarcroN, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. Hey, Ive got me 2 HBW seeds and I want to know if just 2 will have effects on a 1st timer.
  2. nope, you won't feel anything from 2.
  3. yea, i doubt u'll feel anythin, maybe if u go get some morning glory's to go along with it it could work out.
  4. what about with some pot?
  5. try if u'd like, i'd grind the seeds up and soak em in real cold water for about 30 minutes and drink it/eat the seed mush, then wait about an hour and smoke, it might put a little trippy twist on your high or something, go for it n tell us how it goes
  6. damn dude your fast. like ice water? or just like regular cold fridge water. I got baked and i couldent remember posting this but i remember writing it, it was weird shit.
  7. haha well i'm on this board alot cuz i don got alot of other websites to go to, i could prolly like be a mod haha, but jus go with like refridgerator cold water, and definitely use distilled water cuz the chlorine in tap water kills alot of the LSA in the seeds, so if u got any distilled shit that'd be good.
  8. I got the kind thats like 25cents a gallon from those big machines in you ever seen em. I also got an open faced egg salad sandwhich when i was in the kitchen. Yum :D
  9. haha, u should utilize both to the fullest then!
  10. Yea man those big machines are sweet when that hot florida suns hittin hard and you wanna poor a gallon of ice cold water on your head for a quarter. Anyways once 10 comes ill drink down that water/woodrose combo meal and around 11 ill have a side of smoke.
  11. Shit man, I think I hit the full effects for this maybe 30 min after smoking the pot. I go toutta bed cause my leg hurt everytime I stretched it out and I looked in the mirror and thought I was breaking out. So I freaked out and got online and talked to my friend who calmed me down and now that pains gone. Was it the trip? Or was it real? I cant tell.... fucken drugs... i love em....!
  12. So you actually got high off 2 seeds? damn, when I went out and bought some HWB seeds for a costly price they didnt do shit...a little glow, and that was off of like 20 of them. I must have gotten really weak seeds. Now I dont waste my money anymore and just steal morning glory:heavenly blue from Walmart whenever I wanna do LSA.
    Well, Ive only done it twice, I wanna extract the shit cuz it always makes my stomach sick, but I cant get the right chemical for the extraction.
  13. ^^^ Cold water extraction, my friend.
    Edit: Anyone who buys HBWR or any variations therein from the store, be sure to wash them well with some dish soap and water and rinse before doing anything. They've got a chemical coating which is supposed to prevent us from eating them, hehe sucksers

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