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  1. Here's a few pics from my outdoor strain here in hawaii. I got the seeds from an unknown strain that was imported from califronia. Initially the buds were not too resinous, but as you can see, the hawaiian climate has made it quite frosty. It's in the 6th week of flowering. I will be flushing soon and harvesting. Note that I stunted the plants to keep it out of site from my neighbors. Aloha kine:smoke:

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  2. Hey araibira,

    nice lookin plants, im just curious as to how you stunted the plants?

    I plan on growing outdoors and i need to stunt my plant(s).
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    Thnx MOBYDICK. As far as stunting your plants is concerned, go with smaller containers. Usually I put a couple of plants in a 3 or 4 gallon container. This stunted the plants considerably.
  4. Sounds like a good idea, but it doesnt stunt the bud growth does it? Maybe it would be good to change to a new container right before budding starts.
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    AS long as it stunts the vegetative growth, bud growth is relative to how much stuntness is

    in veg growth.

    Here's a few close up pics from the plants above.

    Resin glands are still somewhat clear, but production is good. Weather conditions have been

    sunny the last week, but this week; however, it has been raining almost every day with an

    occasional hint of sunshine ranging from 2-3 hours throughout the day.

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  6. very nice my man! I'm jealous. My stash is running low. I'm preparing my mixes for next year right now! They look dank as hell!
  7. thnx bro, goodluck on your mixes next year. I'm sure you'll have awesome results!
  8. Yeah, the manures, meals, compost, mulch are all separately packed in my back pack. Pick ax, hatchet, head light, protective glasses, a couple beers etc..., ready to go. Pretty exciting!!! You've got truly beautiful plants.:wave:
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    Is this going to be a journal? Just trying to do some work and wanted to know if I should include this in the "outdoor journal move".

    Great Looking buds!

    GROW ON!

    edit: hell, I'll move it anyway...lol Great buds!
  10. Thnx for moving the thread and the comments:wave: Honestly, I'm lucky to live in such a place

    that can produce such lovely plants. In the future I plan to give you guys more pics of plants

    growing here in Hawaii. Happy Growing!!!
  11. try curling ur plant instead of stunting them or start cloning
  12. Hey guys the sun is at 13.5 hours and the girls are starting to flower again. Here i initially planted seven hash plant seeds and now have 3 girls ready to bloom. I used a 6 gallon container. As you can see i have bended the plants with garden staples and i have put gravel on top of the soil so that the leafs doesnt get soil debris. All in all the girls are a month and a half old.

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  13. Your weed is siick.
  14. looks some liek super white bomb =] some kind of WW maybe?
  15. Hi everyone after a few weeks of rain we have some updated results

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  16. Looking good.

    Thanks for sharing.:wave:
  17. Starting to smell fruity. The rain doesnt seem to be letting up...more pruning needed so mold doesnt start.
  18. yummy :wave: what kind of fruits?

  19. smells a little like guava...a previous strain i grew started smelling like guava...then the smell was more lemony, but it still had hints of guava. I just added some molasses. Hopefully it will smell super unique and diffrent in the end result.

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