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Hawaiian, Grape Ape, Green Crack, Dutch Cheese, and Banana OG

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by thewarden, Dec 29, 2012.

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    Sativa dominant strain, so leads to more of a head high. Somewhat sweet smelling and minor sweetness when smoked, not so much fruity or tropical like you might expect though. Maybe a hint of spiciness. Pretty smooth smoke. Pretty dense nugs, a little on the drier side for my taste but nothing at all to complain about. Was $7.50/g from the dispensary.


    Grape Ape

    Indica dominant, so you can imagine the high. Smells like a purple, that's really the best way to describe it haha. Kinda earthy, maybe musty. My friend said it tastes like grape, I think it just tastes like a 'purple' strain of bud. Not bad tasting though. Nice cure on these nugs, the Hawaiian was a little on the dry side for my tastes, but these one still have enough moisture to preserve the flavor. yum. Also $7.50/g from the same place.


    Green Crack

    We all know it, we've all had it. Tried and true, the batch is exactly what you'd expect from some Green Crack. Fruity, tropical, bomb fucking taste, on of my favorite sativas for sure. Sweet tasting. One thing I liked about this specific batch was its denstiy, I got a 1.5 all in one nug. Nice cure too, when you crack the nug it 'crunches' beautifully. $10/g.


    Dutch Cheese

    Sativa dominant hybrid. Probably my favorite strain of all the ones I got, I really wish I got more. Delicious cheese-y smelling bud. Minor skunk hints. Incredibly pungent smell, it's great. Cheese smell is definitely more prevalent than the Dutch Treat. Wish I had an air freshener to smell like this, it's that good. Smoke tastes exactly how it smells, which is quite a treat. Cheese-y on the exhale too. Also $10/g. Getting baked off this right now.


    Banana OG

    Smells bizarre. To me, it smelled like dry cat food mixed with dank weed. Not a bad smell, just very, very weird. Smoke tastes good, much more like a banana should smell. OG taste also more noticeable when smoked. Nice bud though, really, really frosty. This is their 'top shelf' (at least the top shelf they had in for the time being that was indica dominant) at $12.50/g. And yeah it is really frosty, that isn't the light being weird or anything haha.


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  2. Banana looks dank! :smoke:
  3. Yeah it most certainly is haha. I'd definitely say it's the most potent, not by much though. Kinda lacking in the smell department though haha :laughing: :bongin:
  4. Don't worry too much on smell, your smoking it :p. Sucks right now tho here in the 740, not the weed, just can't find a job to get it!
  5. Holy shit the one all the way to the right!
  6. By the 740, do you mean in Ohio?
  7. Quite dank man. Good prices too. Keep up the pics.
  8. They look so dank !
  9. That banana looks insane... I just picked up some banana kush that looks NOTHING like that.. lol.. :smoking:
  10. Thanks for the comments, guys. and if the guy asking about the 740 was talking to me, no, I'm in southern california. All these strains are from one dispensary.

    Just had a wakeup bowl of Hawaiian haha
  11. I was talking to other guy ab 740 haha
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    Fixed the pictures so you don't have to open them to view in largest size

    Here's what's left of a half g of kief I got for $5 today. Didn't get a strain, but it smokes alright. Tastes like kief. Didn't think it was worthy of its own thread either haha.


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  13. Looks like it was worth it. Kief is kief I guess. Even if you just compressed the whole pile and smoked it in one session it would still be a good deal. Nice! :hello:
  14. i like them all, the cheese says eat me

  15. Yeah I wasn't expecting primo resin head-y kief for $10/g haha. I just only had $5 and went to the vapor lounge with my friend and you have to buy something to use their vaporizers, so I asked what they could do for $5 (their menu doesn't even have stuff for $5 :eek:) and he gave me that haha

    that it does. I'm about halfway finished with my meal then haha
  16. For sure $5 well spent! :hello:

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