hawaiian gold?

Discussion in 'General' started by nowherekid109, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. i hope i dont get banned for like spamming..because thats not my intention...i found out about these legal buds called hawaiian gold...has anyone tried it...its only like 60$ for an o! are there any other legal buds that are actually good? ive tried salvia...and it was ok...
  2. I did, Its wack man. It looks good but its not. Theres no THC what so EVER in them, i dont even no why they bother 2 sell that SHIT, cuz thats wat it is, LEGAL BUD, and cant get u even high, mayb light headed BUT WHIPPY.

  3. Do NOT get Hawaiian Gold Bud! I hope you aren't ordering from Herbal Smoke Shop, they rip you off. They take your money and never ship it. The people who did recieve it complained the Hawaiian Gold had mold on it and tasted terrible and made them throw up. AVOID!

  4. I bought from them, but i dont get it JO, wtf are they sellin LEGAL bud if it cant get u high, the guy said it suppose 2

    All it did was annoy me. :D
  5. you made 200$ wtf.

    i hope you don't mean you re sold it as the real thing, because thats just not right.

    don't do stuff like that, i don't even care who you are selling it too.
  6. But why do they sell it for its it doesnt do anything for you, Theres a magazine out i forget which 1, my friend bought it from that mag, sold it, which isnt coo, but it looked plastic. Y do they sell this for it doesnt do anything
  7. 1. Manufacture fake legal highs

    2. Con stoners into thinking this is the answer they have been looking for

    3. Profit!

    But on a more serious note, I have ordered and used Spice Gold, you can find it on spiceworld420, and it DOES work. The high is really really nice and it won't get you wasted, but it does get you HIGH. I was quite pleased with it but it costs just as much as normal weed, $40/eighth.
  8. "Legal Highs" are a rip off. simple.

    I dotn understand how they can
    but theres no THC, sounds like a GODO head RUSH.
  10. its kalled LEGAL for a reason lols
  11. Because people buy it.
  12. The people who believe in LEGAL HIGHS are the same people who believe all the 9/11 conspiracy theories.


    Thats a whole diff topic, since u did bring that up, and 2morrow is SPET 11th, explain your THEORIES of 9/11 or at least what u think of it
  14. Or how bout not hijacking someone elses thread? why not make your own?
  15. I really hope that was sarcastic. There are legal highs, search gold spice. Legal herb is just bunk.

  16. HIJACKING does have to do with 9/11, thanks for your 2cents now,
    I aint makin shit. Now y r u on my ASS, no 1 was even talkin 2 u
  17. iv never tried any legal buds or anything but i know some of the legal highs out there gatta do something..some of them even have the seeds from the hells bells flower (belladona?) which i know for a fact will trip you out...
  18. Oh im not dissing the legal highs that you are talking about.. morning glory seeds, ect.. poppy pods... whatever it maybe.. im talking about the phonny ass herbal legal highs. marijuana knockoffs.
  19. guys, of course there are legal highs. salvia? i'm pretty sure no one here can say that salvia is a "manufactured high" and isn't real...
  20. Despite all the people who said the bud sucks...I was still curious and tried it out. This should answer all the questions you could have on it, and verify what has already been said on this board!! lol..Here's my review!


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