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Hawaii year round grow?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Legoxegox, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I was wondering, if you grow some plants in hawaii around this time, how small would the yield be per plant?
  2. Well my first question is Indoor or Outdoor.

    From what you give me my odvious statement is outdoor.

    Well I'm not there but ill give it my best shot from my experience with it and areas in the world.

    If its outdoor a good plant ( I have seen) can have up to a lb if its female. Also it was not in a very good place just south Us.

    In Hawaii it is a humid, hot place which is exactly what Mj craves. So if you do watch it, and check for problems or bugs, you might get a large amount per plant.

    Go for it and post some results.

    Btw. Just as a guess. I would bet you can get around maybe 5 o's off it, but don't quote me. lol.
  3. Isn't this the rainy time of year for Hawaii? With all the big storms that drive the huge waves on the north shore? Mabey start indoors, and after 3-4 weeks transfer outdoors, and you should see 3+ oz in a few months. It depends on what strain you are using. Don't know how bad the storms are down there, but with the right strain you'll be alright.
  4. I'm working with Train Wreck, Pakistan, and some good healthy "Dank" seeds, and a couple bag seeds.

    My plants are indoors right now, on a windowseal in 4" pots until they get bigger. They get sunlight all day from that window.

    I'm keeping them safe, germinating them before planting, keeping the soil moist, and giving them love. I have more seeds germinating, expecting to plant 4-6 more plants tomorrow, besides my already planted 7 plants. I think overall I'll have 13-18 plants growing. How many females should I expect?

    Out of the females I get, I'm going to be cloning my favorites to continue growing, the ones that aren't my favorites will be harvested, smoked, and forgotten lol. When my plants are big enough I'm going to let them be outside on the patio to get lots of sun during the day, but am going to bring them inside at night. If it rains hard or there are strong winds, I'm putting my babies back into their safe room with the big window.

    Right now the only seeds that are through the soil are 1 week old, and 2-3 days old.

    The one week old plant is getting tall, about 4-5 inches tall already I think,standing straight up. The newest one through the soil has a thick stem, as thick or THICKER than the older plant, and looks like it'll be a short fat plant seeing that.

    The two growing right now are both bag seed from different strains of bud, besides having seeds in it, it was good shit.

    Btw, would my plants, alternating between indoors/outdoors be considered indoor/outdoor plants? I am using organic potting mix that is made locally. My plants will be getting checked on daily, rotated when they're leaning towards the sun, etc. I'll get some pics up once I've planted all the seeds that will germinate, so in another 1-3 days.

    Peace. :D Oh, btw, I'd be happy with 3 ounces off one plant, that's a lot for me, since I'll have at least 7+ females growing.
  5. Well now with that settled all aside here are the main things.

    No matter where you are you are doing great. Depending on where the majority of them stay would be amounts of bud.

    Personally I have no idea what amount you will have with indoor outdoor but expect something between an o and a lb.

    The only thing I suggest is to be careful don't over water ( key thing ) and be kind. I do organics as well and do sorta the same thing. I just do like one or two plants and cross breed.

    I like to make my own personal weed lol. Um, as for female to male ratio. Here is what I believe. I go with the 11/20 ratio from twenty plants almost 11 should become female on their own. I have heard of other ways to make some plants become female but I believe that what nature wants nature gets. Don't F with her. lol.

    You may have other things but this is a odd question are you growing for personal or sell.?
  6. Personal use for me and my GF. =] Should have plenty after the harvest. :D
  7. Oh hell yea compared to these numbers of plants. You will definently have enough. Perhaps I should make a visit to Hawaii. Well all I can say is my two plants I got are doing well. About a week old each.
  8. Hey, nice, I bet the leaves are starting to get pretty big now, huh? What strains?
  9. Lol from what my boy said one is a sticky mid, and the other is like a low grade blueberry kush.

    Just so you know the people around here dont exactly know much about naming strains and so I just say what they say lol. And they are about an inch across both leaves lol. Fairly large if you ask me.
  10. Nice. I can't wait until harvest day. When it's time to cure them, I'm not going to smoke for 10 days, I'm going to lower my tolerance to smoke my homegrown stuff. =]
  11. You know that you are gonna be blazed out your mind right?
  12. Yeaaahhh dude. I think the best stuff is always the stuff grown with love and care. :D
  13. Lol im just growing for experiments. I want to see about growing a always budding plant like once you grow it so long vegging then you just keep it in flower cycle. Then after it gets buds what would happen if you cut the buds and left the plant growing and never stopped doing it.

    I think it would be killer if you could.
  14. If your growing indoors, once you harvest I think you can switch back to your vegging stage, ans start the cycle over again but it takes awhile. not sure though.
  15. Ill find out lol.

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